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Ghost in the Theater

Starman and Troia stopped The Gentleman Ghost and his hired henchman from robbing the patrons of the Ace of Clubs in Metropolis the other day. Though The Ghost escaped, the heroes learned from his captured henchmen that The Ghost appeared … Continue reading

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Heroes Unite Against Black Adam!

Yesterday afternoon, a number of JLA members showed up at the UN Court House to protect the proceedings by the possible appearance of Black Adam. Isis stood accused of War crimes as well as crimes against humanity, she was encased … Continue reading

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Paradise Island Nuked! State of Emergency Delcared! Paradise Island, home of the Amazons, including such heroines as Wondrous Woman and Troia, was obliterated today minutes after the Soviet Socialist Republic of Australia declared war on the island nation. The nuclear attack was carried out by Aussie … Continue reading

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Hypertime Crisis – Part 1

Black Canary put out a call to all heroes to meet at the Justice League Watchtower so that she could provide more information on some of the recent temporal anomalies that had started with the appearance of a time portal … Continue reading

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First Assault!

After the JLA contacted the US Government and city of Metropolis about a possible Amazon Invasion, Mayor Fleming called for an immediate evacuation of the city aided by the police, fire, National Guard and US Army. Also the Coast Guard … Continue reading

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The Amazon Fleet

Both the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard report no sightings of the supposed Amazon fleet of ships. When asked about this new outcome, President Trump claimed that “supposed reports  a possible Amazon Invasion have been overly inflated and that if … Continue reading

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Due to warnings from the JLA of an impending Amazon invasion of Metropolis, Mayor Fleming has ordered an immediate evacuation of Metropolis. Police, National Guard and U.S. Army Corps are all aiding in the evacuation of the city.

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