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Ghost in the Theater

Starman and Troia stopped The Gentleman Ghost and his hired henchman from robbing the patrons of the Ace of Clubs in Metropolis the other day. Though The Ghost escaped, the heroes learned from his captured henchmen that The Ghost appeared … Continue reading

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When Giants Walked the Earth

Yesterday, Mayor Fleming called a press conference to address Doctor Sivana’s ransom demands for 5 billion dollars to save Metropolis from an intended rampage of chaos and destruction. Joined by CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, Mayor Fleming stated that Metropolis … Continue reading

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Anyone Care for Some Oolong?

After discovering that Doctor Sivana was responsible for stealing the bodies of Bizarro, Solomon Grundy and The Shaggy Man from STAR Labs in Central City, and suspecting him of having kidnapped Freddy Freeman…aka, Captain Marvel, Jr…..The Titans and Teen Titans … Continue reading

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From the Deep

A group of mostly mystical type heroes had previously been summoned to help Mistress Karma–the Dr. Fate of her timeline–locate a Temple of Summoning constructed on her world by an aquatic race known as the Deep Ones. Having helped the … Continue reading

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Several hereos received a mysterious summons in the form of a glowing sphere and an almost familiar voice requesting them to come to a location in Annex City. None of the heroes knew that the others had been summoned until … Continue reading

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The Return of the Fearsome Five

Yesterday, police and news reports went out about a large robot terrorizing citizens at the Perez Court Shopping Plaza in the Lakeside District of Central City. However, before several heroes arrived on the scene the robot had been defeated by … Continue reading

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A Starro is Born

Having ended the Starro infestation at the LexCorp communication satellite, the heroes were teleported into the Batcave by Oracle to have a safe starting point from which to return to Gotham and confront the Starro drones there. But Flash and … Continue reading

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