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When Giants Walked the Earth

Yesterday, Mayor Fleming called a press conference to address Doctor Sivana’s ransom demands for 5 billion dollars to save Metropolis from an intended rampage of chaos and destruction. Joined by CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, Mayor Fleming stated that Metropolis … Continue reading

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Firebug Breaks Out of Prison!

During a fire at the Kent County Correctional Facility in Dover, Delaware today, Joe Rigger…aka, Firebug….managed to escape on a fire engine driven by an unknown female accomplice. Authorities believe that Rigger was responsible for the fire which damaged the … Continue reading

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Anyone Care for Some Oolong?

After discovering that Doctor Sivana was responsible for stealing the bodies of Bizarro, Solomon Grundy and The Shaggy Man from STAR Labs in Central City, and suspecting him of having kidnapped Freddy Freeman…aka, Captain Marvel, Jr…..The Titans and Teen Titans … Continue reading

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Last night, Charles ( Chuck) Brown, known as the criminal Kite-Man managed to escape from Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, NY by flying over the walls utilizing materials believed smuggled in by a prison delivery truck earlier that day. … Continue reading

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Jail Break at Joliet!

Early this morning, six high profile criminals managed to break out of Joliet State Penitentiary in Illinois evidently using a milk delivery truck to make their escape. Amongst the criminals who managed to escape is Noah Kuttler known as The … Continue reading

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