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Has the Guardian Returned to Metropolis?

From the Daily Planet: Eye witnesses reported a shield slinging hero appear and thwart a bank robbery at Metropolis bank, the hero stopped & shook hands with citizens but left when a woman screamed in the distance. The Guardian was … Continue reading

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Shadow Over Gotham

Last night, Oracle summoned several of Gotham’s defenders to investigate a scene she was monitoring from a security camera of the Pavilion Hotel of an old man being besieged by what appeared to be masked and armed ninjas in the … Continue reading

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Several hereos received a mysterious summons in the form of a glowing sphere and an almost familiar voice requesting them to come to a location in Annex City. None of the heroes knew that the others had been summoned until … Continue reading

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Responding to an anonymous tip, Gotham City PD investigated an illegal gambling parlor in Chinatown to discover 14 members of the Chinese mob, The Steel Unicorn executed. This makes the second such execution style of killings of Chinese mobsters in … Continue reading

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Gotham City Police investigating reports of gunfire heard in the warehouse district last night discovered nineteen members of the Chinese criminal gang, The Ghost Dragons brutally slain in a warehouse of a Chinese import business. The police are attempting to … Continue reading

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Famed Archaeologist Found Dead

This morning, the body of Professor Artemus Pointer, 58, was found dead in his brownstone home the apparent victim of a home robbery. Prof. Pointer was a famed historian and archaeologist and Professor Emeritus of Oriental Studies at Gotham University. … Continue reading

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The Return of the Fearsome Five

Yesterday, police and news reports went out about a large robot terrorizing citizens at the Perez Court Shopping Plaza in the Lakeside District of Central City. However, before several heroes arrived on the scene the robot had been defeated by … Continue reading

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