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After helping The Batman and Commissioner Gordon in taking The Red Hood into custody, Queen Mera asked The Batman for help. It appears Aquaman has gone missing and she’s reaching out to the Justice League to help her find her … Continue reading

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Tonight, The Red Hood tracked down The Joker at the old Ace Chemical Factory in an attempt to rescue Mark Flair but The Joker turned the tables on him by injecting Flair with Joker Toxin and dressing him as himself. … Continue reading

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Heroes Unite Against Black Adam!

Yesterday afternoon, a number of JLA members showed up at the UN Court House to protect the proceedings by the possible appearance of Black Adam. Isis stood accused of War crimes as well as crimes against humanity, she was encased … Continue reading

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Anyone Care for Some Oolong?

After discovering that Doctor Sivana was responsible for stealing the bodies of Bizarro, Solomon Grundy and The Shaggy Man from STAR Labs in Central City, and suspecting him of having kidnapped Freddy Freeman…aka, Captain Marvel, Jr…..The Titans and Teen Titans … Continue reading

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Shadow Over Gotham

Last night, Oracle summoned several of Gotham’s defenders to investigate a scene she was monitoring from a security camera of the Pavilion Hotel of an old man being besieged by what appeared to be masked and armed ninjas in the … Continue reading

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NewGothamGazette.com: Word has just reached us from the resurrected Old Gotham that Batman and Redwing have perished at the hands of Mrs. Freeze, Poison Ivan, and Alfred the Butcher . . . criminal lunatics thought dead in the collapse of … Continue reading

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After a string of unusual deaths and tragic accidents, the citizens of Gotham are demanding that Police Commissioner Gordon take action to ensure their safety. A scathing letter printed in Sunday’s edition of the Gotham Gazette from an anonymous citizen … Continue reading

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