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“Hello all, it’s your old friend The Joker! I see those pesky heroes managed to defuse my Jokerware but not before I made a killing, HAHAHA! But it looks like they also set off the timer to the bomb I’ve … Continue reading

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The Injustice Society

Several heroes encountered The Wizards new incarnation of the Injustice Society attempting to find The Glastonbury Wand which The Wizard had once wielded before the JSA took it. They made it clear that members of the JSA are trapped in … Continue reading

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Ties that Blind

Dateline: Russia Ohio Ashen faced a Deputy approached the Mic as a blaze of flash photography would assail him, slowly he gathered himself and began to speak. “Ah..Yes, I am Deputy Bjorn Johannes, i was asked to inform the populace … Continue reading

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Having been called by Lord Vulko to return to Atlantis, Mera discovered that in Aquaman’s absence, his half-brother The Ocean Master has taken over the throne. Vulko warned Mera to flee before she was captured. Mera also observed Black Manta … Continue reading

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Oracle has contacted the JLA that with the help of The Atom and Mr. Terrific they have successfully managed to find a means to destroy the Jokerware malware. However, once it was destroyed there appeared a 72 hour countdown which … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Theater

Starman and Troia stopped The Gentleman Ghost and his hired henchman from robbing the patrons of the Ace of Clubs in Metropolis the other day. Though The Ghost escaped, the heroes learned from his captured henchmen that The Ghost appeared … Continue reading

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Red Hood in Central City??! Another Copycat Killing

Dateline Not more than 2 days since the Red Hood hit in Gotham another sighting has been reported in Central City, this time the “Red Hood” has been reported to have wiped out the Anatoli Bratva. Police Have no comment … Continue reading

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