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The Return of the Fearsome Five

Yesterday, police and news reports went out about a large robot terrorizing citizens at the Perez Court Shopping Plaza in the Lakeside District of Central City. However, before several heroes arrived on the scene the robot had been defeated by … Continue reading

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MOON VANISHES! ALIEN INVASION IMMINENT! In the latest in a series of anomalous events, the moon has vanished, replaced by some kind of weapons-studded metalilic orb approximately the same size! World TVs were flooded with a message from an alien despot calling himself Kanjar … Continue reading

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Paradise Island Nuked! State of Emergency Delcared! Paradise Island, home of the Amazons, including such heroines as Wondrous Woman and Troia, was obliterated today minutes after the Soviet Socialist Republic of Australia declared war on the island nation. The nuclear attack was carried out by Aussie … Continue reading

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SUN SETS ON THE DARK KNIGHT! Word has just reached us from the resurrected Old Gotham that Batman and Redwing have perished at the hands of Mrs. Freeze, Poison Ivan, and Alfred the Butcher . . . criminal lunatics thought dead in the collapse of … Continue reading

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Coast City Demolished Coast City was raized to the ground today in a three-way battle between rampaging colossi! It began when a 300-meter giant reptile emerged from the sea and unleashed a holocaust of nuclear flame on the city. Within minutes, Parallax … Continue reading

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LUTHOR DECLARES GLOBAL CRISIS UN Chairman-For-Life Lex Luthor today declared a global state of emergency in light of the cointinuing anomalies that are plaguing the world, from the rerising of Atlantis to the disappearance of Ubermensch and other heroes. Justice League Global founder … Continue reading

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Hypertime Crisis – Part 1

Black Canary put out a call to all heroes to meet at the Justice League Watchtower so that she could provide more information on some of the recent temporal anomalies that had started with the appearance of a time portal … Continue reading

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