The Threat of Circe

The other day, Superman summoned members of the Justice League to the Watchtower to inform them that several threats of magical nature were ravaging worldwide – reports of flying demons and the undead walking. Wonder Woman had discovered that all of these unnatural occurrences all were on magical ley lines that lead back to her own home isle of Themyscira and that possibly the Gates to the Underworld that were guarded by The Amazons has been opened by Circe. The JLA decided to travel to Themyscira to investigate after Wonder Woman was unable to contact her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

Upon arriving on Themyscira, Flash did a quick recon around the island only to find that the Amazons appeared to be missing. Reporting this back to the other JLA members, Wonder Woman lead the team to the entrance to the caves leading to the Gates to The Underworld – Tartarus and Hades. Finding the cave unguarded, the team entered only to find the Gates were closed.

Circe suddenly appeared threatening the JLA. However, when both Flash and Mary Marvel attempted to grab her as Wonder Woman and Troia tried to lasso her, they discovered she was only an illusion. Circe told them The Amazons had left Paradise Island to invade Man’s World….and specifically, Metropolis! The JLA left for Metropolis immediately to investigate her claims that The Amazons had declared War on Man’s World!

(( To be continued…..))

Heroes present: Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash ( Wally West), Firestorm, Mary Marvel, Troia ( Donna Troy), and Livewire.

Villain present: Circe

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