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“Hello all, it’s your old friend The Joker! I see those pesky heroes managed to defuse my Jokerware but not before I made a killing, HAHAHA! But it looks like they also set off the timer to the bomb I’ve … Continue reading

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Intel On Jokerware

This is Oracle. I have been able to study The Joker’s new Jokerware malware virus and have made some interesting discoveries. It would appear that The Joker’s program which he boasted was actually created by tech mogul, Mark Flair is … Continue reading

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Introducing . . .

Today, the television broadcasts across the USA were suddenly interrupted by another transmission: ( Their is suddenly a screenshot that old tv channels used to use when broadcast was interrupted but instead of the Native American head it’s the head … Continue reading

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Tonight, The Red Hood tracked down The Joker at the old Ace Chemical Factory in an attempt to rescue Mark Flair but The Joker turned the tables on him by injecting Flair with Joker Toxin and dressing him as himself. … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Broadcast

This morning as the citizens of Gotham City awake and get ready for their day, many tune in the morning tv news reports only to have the broadcast interrupted by this….. “We interrupt this broadcast of your regularly scheduled monotonous … Continue reading

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Joker Escapes Arkham!

Authorities from Arkham Asylum have confirmed that The Joker who was recently apprehended by Batwoman and Black Canary after a string of murders and crimes during the holiday season managed to escape from his cell with what is believed to … Continue reading

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A Merry Joker Christmas

Last evening, Batwoman met with several heroes of Gotham at the Oracle’s headquarters to reveal what she had learned about the current crime spree affecting Gotham City. She of course had noticed that the crimes were linked by theme to … Continue reading

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