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A Titanic Reunion?

Miss Martian, having helped a number of heroes deal with Starro the Conqueror’s latest attempt to subjugate the Earth, had decided to return to America from the Australian outback, despite how much the latter reminded her of Mars. She contacted … Continue reading

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A Night Off at the Watchtower . . . Almost

Black Canary put out a call on all hero channels asking any heroes who could to meet at the Justice League Watchtower. Though only a handful responded, it turned out that the heroine had a small commemorative ceremony in mind–along … Continue reading

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Joker Escapes Arkham!

Authorities from Arkham Asylum have confirmed that The Joker who was recently apprehended by Batwoman and Black Canary after a string of murders and crimes during the holiday season managed to escape from his cell with what is believed to … Continue reading

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