Heroes Unite Against Black Adam!

Yesterday afternoon, a number of JLA members showed up at the UN Court House to protect the proceedings by the possible appearance of Black Adam. Isis stood accused of War crimes as well as crimes against humanity, she was encased in a mystic shield, that prevented her from using her powers, provided by Dr Fate. As Batman made clear that terrible nature of Isis’ crimes,she demanded her own defense, to which she was told due to the horrible nature of her crimes, no attorney would stand for her, he then asked if any of the heroes would do so; Mary Marvel agreed to do so, due to the relationship the Marvels have with Black Adam. The trial had just gotten underway when Black Adam made his appearance & demanded the release of his wife,tearing thru the front of the building.

The heroes engaged the enraged Adam, each of them attacking him one after the other, Batman stepped up & told them to work as a team, single attacks were not going to get them any where.
Superman moved in behind Adam & locked his arms behind him, relying on his thousands of yours of combat experience, he flipped the Kryptonian over his back & called down the magic lightning,which struck Superman & stunned him, allowing Black Adam to easily slip free of his grip.

Green lantern attacked and Black Adam damaged his containment field; he ridiculed the hero by telling him he learned nothing from their last fight and that HIS will was stronger than GL’s. As the battle raged, Power Girl attacked in unison with Mary Marvel & Capt Marvel Jr, knocking Black Adam to his knees. Isis tells him to call down the lightning & she will use her powers over the elements to bring it to her & combine it with her own powers to free herself.

As Adam calls the lightning,several heroes attempt to intercede & block the bolt, but Captain Marvel sacrificed himself by using his super speed to jump between Isis & the bolt,thus reverting himself back to Billy Batson. Using the confusion & smoke as cover, Black Adam took hold of Batson & covered his mouth just as he was pushed out of the building by the heroes’ attack.
Standing up, he demanded that they release Isis or he breaks the boy’s neck.

To everyone’s surprise, the judge, G.G. Malice, made her way thru the rubble to stand face to face with the enraged dictator. She demanded he release the boy & how dare he come into her court threatening to do what Isis is on trial for. Angered by the Judge’s actions as he was, he did not let down his guard as he saw Mary Marvel moving in behind him. She called down the magic lightning,in an attempt to revert Black Adam into his mortal self, seconds after he had moved from his position.

Accusing the judge of working in colusion with the heroes to take him off guard, Black Adam clenched a fist but was stopped by the words of Isis, telling him that the heroes speak the truth & that he should release the boy;even tho he is his greatest enemy,he is but a child now & to kill him as he is would be a great crime. Mary Marvel adds her own words to Isis’ and Adam relemts, releasing Billy Batson & yields this time,staing that he will be watching & should he suspect foul play;he will retaliate in full force.

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