A team of scientists from S.T.A.R. Labs’ Arctic Polar Command Center have gone missing while investigating a suspected meteor strike in the frozen wastelands of the far Arctic Circle. The U.S. Military is mounting a rescue mission to attempt to locate the missing exploration team.

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When Giants Walked the Earth

Yesterday, Mayor Fleming called a press conference to address Doctor Sivana’s ransom demands for 5 billion dollars to save Metropolis from an intended rampage of chaos and destruction. Joined by CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, Mayor Fleming stated that Metropolis would never bow to terrorist demands. Doctor Sivana then broke into all transmissions to declare that the Mayor should have accepted his demands and that Metropolis would suffer for refusing him.

At that moment, Giganta, who in her normal guise had been lurking amidst the crowd in disguise, revealed herself and grew in stature to attack the Metropolis Aerorail Transit system. Fortunately several heroes had come to the press conference including Captain Marvel who had been covering it as boy reporter Billy Batson from WHIZ News from Fawcett City.

Giganta attacked the rail system destroying part of the tracks as she attempted to fend off Mary Marvel, Troia, Zatanna, and Firestorm. Captain Marvel sped off to rescue one of the skytrain’s speeding towards the station. During the battle, Zatanna had noticed that her magical spells seemed to be absorbed by one of the stone bracelets around Giganta’s wrists. As Giganta attempted to stomp her foot down on Zatanna, Mary Marvel and Troia managed to upend her causing her to fall back.As Giganta began to hurl debris from smashing the station, Firestorm managed to transmute it into kites that drfited off harmlessly.. Fortunately, Miss Martian arrived to cushion Giganta’s fall with a telekinetic cushion so that the giantess didn’t cause any more damage. Using her powers to hurl debris at Giganta to keep her down, Zatanna inadvertently shattered one of the stones from Giganta’s bracelets which caused her to teleport away..

Zatanna then aided Captain Marvel in stopping the speeding skytram train only yards from the destroyed tracks. As he returned to join the heroes, civilians informed them that The Daily Planet building was being attacked by a giant ape!

Racing to the Daily Planet, the heroes discovered the super-ape, Titano. Before Captain Marvel could act, he was struck by Titano and hurled across the city. Then Titano attacked the other heroes with his Kryptonite vision. Mary Marvel and Troia flew into attack the giant ape as Zatanna created the illusion of WWI biplanes to confuse and distract him. Troia managed to lasso one of Titano’s arms but he cracked it like a whip to slam her into the front of the Daily Planet building as Mary Marvel flew in to spin Titano around with super-speed allowing Troia to leap and strike him a powerful blow to the jaw.

This action however, caused Titano to become dizzy and he then vomited towards the hero but fortunately Zatanna was able to protect them from being struck with a giant umbrella. Miss Martian then morphed into a giant T-Rex to engage Titano in combat and also attempted to try a mind probe to calm the beast down, only to discover a device attached to the back of the ape’s neck which not only blocked her powers but possibly was causing Titano to attack.

Just then, Supergirl arrived to rescue Miss Martian from Titano’s savage attack. However, recognizing Supergirl’s colors of her uniform attempted to blast her with his Kryptonite vision which fortunately Firestorm managed to transmute as Zatanna erected her giant umbrella to shield Supergirl. Miss Martian informed the others of the device on Titano’s neck. Supergirl flew up and struck Titano and then managed to remove the device….however, once the device was removed Titano appeared to teleport away as Giganta had done.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel has been flung across the bay to crash into a warehouse on the Gotham City docks. Recovering he was speeding back to Metropolis when he was knocked out of the sky by the giant robot, Mister Atom who then began to stomp The World’s Mightiest Mortal into the street in front of the LexCorp building. Hearing the sounds of combat, the heroes rushed to the scene.

Troia managed to rescue Captain Marvel from under Mister Atom’s foot. The giant robot then unfolded gatling guns from the metal shields over it’s shoulders which had little effect upon the heroes. Firestorm managed to transmute the bullets harmlessly as Zatanna sent other bullets back towards their aggressor. Then Mister Atom unleashed his deadly radioactive Atom Vision upon the heroes but fortunately Firestorm was able to absorb the energy to save the others as they then took the battle to the giant robot.

During the battle, Mister Atom informed them that he had been sent to take out the power relay devices atop the LexCorp building that powers the Inner City of Metropolis. Miss Martian, still in her T-Rex form rushed Mister Atom driving him back and with her jaws crushed his shoulder guns. Supergirl attempted to melt away one of his legs but the unique metals only glowed redly as Captain Marvel recovered himself to join the battle. He told them that Mister Atom’s head was it’s weakest spot as he joined Mary Marvel, Supergirl and Troia in attacking the giant robot., while Zatanna distracted him with lightning attacks.

Mary Marvel remembered a past run-in with Mister Atom where they had managed to launch him into space and attempted to lift the giant robot which was unusually heavier than usual. Firestorm then flew in and phased inside the robot but was hurled out by some unknown force….however, Firestorm was unaware that he had actually damaged Mister Atom’s gravity stabilizers which were keeping him from being lifted. WIth those stabilizers now damaged, Troia, Mary Marvel, Miss Martian, Supergirl and Captain Marvel were now able to lift Mister Atom and hurl him into space, speeding towards the sun.

Unbeknownst to the heroes however, as Mister Atom hurtled towards the sun, he clipped an unknown spacecraft just beyond Earth’s orbit in stealth mode, damaging the alien craft which then fell into Earth’s gravitational field to crash into the far Arctic wastes. Also unknown to the heroes, another new villain to Metropolis had been following them during the battle to observe and make detailed notes of their powers and fighting styles.

Recovering from the battle, the heroes realized that Doctor Sivana had strategically maneuvered his giant threats to try to take out the city’s transit system, media and power systems.

Doctor Sivana didn’t respond to the defeat of his three titanic members of his Monster Society of Evil but it can only be imagined that the World’s Maddest Scientist will not allow this defeat to stop whatever schemes he has…..

(( To be continued….))

Heroes present: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Troia, Firestorm, Zatanna, Miss Martian, Supergirl

Villans present: Giganta, Titano, Mister Atom, Lucien

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Firebug Breaks Out of Prison!

During a fire at the Kent County Correctional Facility in Dover, Delaware today, Joe Rigger…aka, Firebug….managed to escape on a fire engine driven by an unknown female accomplice. Authorities believe that Rigger was responsible for the fire which damaged the maximum security wing and injured several other prisoners and guards.

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Anyone Care for Some Oolong?

After discovering that Doctor Sivana was responsible for stealing the bodies of Bizarro, Solomon Grundy and The Shaggy Man from STAR Labs in Central City, and suspecting him of having kidnapped Freddy Freeman…aka, Captain Marvel, Jr…..The Titans and Teen Titans reached out to the Justice League to help them invade Oolong Island where they believed Sivana to be operating.

At the Watchtower, both Batman and The Martian Manhunter warned of the dangers of attempting an invasion of Oolong Island which has declared it’s independence as a sovereign nation. However, once they were certain the Titans were determined to try to face down Sivana and rescue Freddy Freeman, Batman and J’onn J’onnz revealed their plan on how to invade the island of mad scientists. Batman would go ahead and create a diversion in his Batplane allowing Zatanna and Raven to teleport the team onto the waterfront area of the island.

Once agreed upon the plan, Batman had himself teleported to a hangar on a Japanese island where he was keeping the Batplane. The Titans waited tensely to hear how Batman was faring when he finally made contact to tell them he was nearing the island. He reported that the jet’s sensors were not picking up any human life signs but suspected that after Black Adam’s attack on the island years ago they had moved themselves to an underground complex out of sensor range. As he attempted to get a visual he was suddenly fired upon by cannons from the island fortress. Before losing contact, Batman ordered Zatanna and Raven to teleport in. As they did so, Robin…who Batman had ordered to remain behind at the Watchtower…leaped thru the portal to join the others.

Arriving on the stone jetties leading to the island’s waterfront, The Titans saw the Batplane get blown out of the sky miles offshore. Robin was visibly upset but Nightwing reminded him that Batman would be okay as he attempted to use a hand held scanner to locate life signs on the island…but all he managed to do was get readings of the indigenous life forms but no human signatures. Zatanna and Miss Martian attempted to get a psychic reading only to discover they were being blocked by two unseen individuals. Flash quickly dismantled the cannons so they wouldn’t fire upon them..

Just then someone teleported onto the main platform above them….it was Dr. Veronica Cale who declared herself the Provincial Governor of the island and demanded the heroes depart or be in violation of international law. When Mary Marvel and Flash demanded to know where Sivana and Freddy Freeman was, Dr. Cale told them that they were wasting their time as Sivana had departed Oolong Island sometime ago.

Dr. Cale was then joined by several villains whom she introduced as Sivana’s New Monster Society of Evil which included the Ultra-Humanite, Amazo, The Tornado Terror and someone who appeared to be the Dark Mary Marvel. When Mary Marvel demanded that the Dark Mary help her to recover Freddy. the doppleganger revealed herself to be Georgia Sivana whom her father had given abilities to by using Freddy’s SHAZAM powers. Angered, Mary attacked Dark Mary when she told her that her father had escaped with “your lame boyfriend”!

Seeing that the heroes had made the first assault, Dr. Cale had Dr. Ivo teleport her back to Command Central to leave the Monster Society to deal with them. Both Zatanna and Miss Martian could sense that there was also an unseen presence with the villains and were attempting to locate them when the villains attacked.

Troia and Raven fended off Amazo’s attack when he flew down and began to strafe the wharf with his heat vision. Ultra-Humanite fired off psi bolts at Zatanna and Miss Martian as he leaped down onto the wharf to physically engage them. Flash fended off a cyclone attack by The Tornado Terror which was another robot version of the JLA’s own Red Tornado. Miss Martian attempted to reveal the location of the hidden member who she managed to expose as an invisible Doctor Psycho who then retaliated by taking control of Robin’s mind and have him attack Nightwing.

Dark Mary and Mary Marvel engaged in a brutal battle with Georgia Sivana fighting like a madwoman, her hatred for Mary Marvel so severe that it seemed to blind her of her own injuries. She declared that once Sivana realized his teleportation signal had been traced back to Oolong Island he had left for another sanctuary, along with Freddy Freeman.

As the battle ensued, Supergirl suddenly arrived carrying Batman whom she had rescued from the Batplane. She dropped Batman who leaped onto Amazo’s back in an attempt to locate a known failsafe switch that was a design in some of Professor Ivo’s creations. Then Supergirl strafed Amazo with her heat vision. Seeing Supergirl engaging Amazo, Troia turned her attention to Doctor Psycho who had created illusory images of himself….but between her and Miss Martian they managed to destroy the illusions before Miss Martian blew the floor out underneath the diminutive psionicist which broke his control over Robin’s mind.

Zatanna squared off against The Ultra-Humanite who revealed himself to be the same one whom they had encountered when they went back to 1942 to rescue the Justice Society. Somehow he had escaped thru time to the present day This angered Zatanna who then violently began to attack the criminal genius with lightning which his harness managed to absorb until she turned the ground beneath him into sand which whirled about his legs and trapped him in glass. Supergirl seeing that Batman was engaging Amazo, turned her attention to suck the air out of Ultra-Humanite’s lungs to render him unconscious which caused his gorilla body to go berself until Miss Martian flew down and struck him, knocking him down. Then Zatanna in anger sunk him into the stone wharf to trap and possibly kill him before Supergirl broke him free and wrapped him in steel i-bars from the wharf and chastising Zatanna for trying to kill him. Angrily, Zatanna defended her decision then teleported herself away.

Meanwhile, Flash had decided to race counter to the Tornado’s winds and created a vibrational field which began to rip the robot apart. Amazo tried to slam Batman against the wall behind him to get him off his back, but The Dark Knight managed to flip up still holding onto Amazo as he shoved a device into the pin hole giving access to Amazo’s neural net and injected a computer virus into him as Raven dropped a cloud of darkness over the robot to blind him. The uploaded virus caused Amazo to lock up and drop senseless to the wharf.

Troia flew down to grab hold of Doctor Psycho but he used this to gain control of her mind and attempt to attack Miss Martian as she was told to do. Flash who had managed to dismantle The Tornado leaped up to try to intervene as Miss Martian used her mental powers to knock out the injured Psycho freeing Troia’s mind from his control.

Dark Mary tried to fly away from Mary’s fury declaring that this battle was not over and then called upon her father to teleport her safely away. Not only did Sivana teleport his defeated daughter to safety but also the other members of his Monster Society but not before Dark Mary warned that Sivana had other members of his new Monster Society of Evil to defeat the heroes.

Batman had expected this maneuver and had already told Nightwing to track the teleporter beam which revealed that Sivana and his Monster Society appeared to be coming from Metropolis. Once Nightwing informed them of this then Mary Marvel desperate to rescue Freddy from Sivana flew off on her own towards Metropolis with Supergirl following to keep an eye on her. Batman then had Raven teleport them back to The Watchtower to lay plans to confront and defeat Doctor Sivana and the New Monster Society of Evil and attempt to rescue Freddy Freeman.

Before the heroes departed, Dr. Veronica Cale teleported back to inform them that she would not be reporting their “invasion” to the United Nations but warned them NOT to return again and disavowed any official cooperation with Sivana’s schemes.

Batman has also told Martian Manhunter about Zatanna’s sudden change in personality and has suggested that they investigate this further to bar any further acts of violence.

(( To be continued….))

Heroes present: The Batman, The Martian Manhunter, Nightwing, Robin ( Damian Wayne), Raven, Flash ( Wally West), Mary Marvel, Troia, Zatanna, Miss Martian, Supergirl

Villaiins present: Dr. Veronica Cale, Amazo, The Ultra-Humanite, The Tornado Terror, Doctor Psycho, Dark Mary ( Georgia Sivana )

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Last night, Charles ( Chuck) Brown, known as the criminal Kite-Man managed to escape from Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, NY by flying over the walls utilizing materials believed smuggled in by a prison delivery truck earlier that day. A purple roadster was spotted from the prison walls picking up The Kite-Man but sped off before authorities could get to it.

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Jail Break at Joliet!

Early this morning, six high profile criminals managed to break out of Joliet State Penitentiary in Illinois evidently using a milk delivery truck to make their escape. Amongst the criminals who managed to escape is Noah Kuttler known as The Calculator.

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New Revelations!

Flash and Robin called Mary Marvel to the Batcave today to have her look at the robot that they captured after their run-in with the new Fearsome Five. They discovered that parts of the robot were composed of Sivanium, a rare metal alloy created by Doctor Sivana, the Marvel Family’s greatest foe! Is Sivana somehow behind this new younger Fearsome Five?

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