The League had been facing many world ending events caused by allies of Darkseid, but nothing could have prepared them for the moment they had to face Darkseid himself. Superman, Miss Martian, Troia and Mera managed to save many of the general populace of Metropolis, and in the end Darkseid was no match. After a strenuous fight Superman managed to recover a motherbox and send Darkseid through a wormhole. However when the fight was over Superman suddenly vanished, leaving the heroes in a stand still.

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In The Zone Recap

Our heroes went to STAR Labs to see if they could use their device to enter the Phantom Zone to reach the missing JSA members. They were met by Superman who wore a suit to allow him to retain his powers in the Zone for a limited time. After defeating the Kryptonian villans in the Zone, Lar Gand ( Mon-EL) met the heroes and escorted them to the Ghost Zone where they rescued the missing JSA members, though it appears Stargirl is missing as she had gone off thru a portal they had found.

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Titans – So Say We All Prologue

The high backed chair creaked as Slade Wilson’s gaze seemed fixed upon the data form his latest test, the footage bathed him in a pale blue light as he watched the false red Hood go at the real one and the rest of the suicide squad.

Some might say there had been mistakes, but really what was the error when data was gained, the squad thugs they were thought all he had been after was the data regarding the Cold War agent Gort, that was a boon if it happened, a secondary objective at best. the real interest was the work on “Rogue Hood” and how well it went, there was progress Slade reasoned, enough to warrant another trial even if the first subject didn’t make it in his encounter with the squad.

His gauntleted hand picked up the shattered mask that the rogue hood wore, turning it over he examined the acid burns and weapons fire on it thoughtfully, perhaps another test was in order, all it would take was the right specimen for the next phase and he had a few ideas how to start.

A well placed camera activated as figured emerged form an elevator at the Gopnik Construction site in Central City, figured emerged form an elevator to look at the blood bath left behind by the Suicide Squad, some were police which elicited little interest, but he tilted his head slightly as the glow of the monitor reflected off the Rogue hood mask showing that a Titan emerged, the place for the massacre was well chosen indeed, right on their doorstep in fact and they were nothing if not predictable.

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A Message From Atlantis

A video is sent to the JLA and US Government from Aquaman and Queen Mera, “As you can see everything is fine in Atlantis! You have been deceived by Mera’s twin sister, The Siren who is posing as Mera! We believe she’s attempting to start a war between Atlantis and the Surface World. She is to be turned over immediately to our authorities to stand trial for rebellion, sedition and treason! You have 48 hours!”

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Back in the hole you go…

Jason Todd, Aka The Red Hood was apprehended as he departed a situation this afternoon, he was taken into custody and no comment has been offered.

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“Hello all, it’s your old friend The Joker! I see those pesky heroes managed to defuse my Jokerware but not before I made a killing, HAHAHA! But it looks like they also set off the timer to the bomb I’ve hidden in Gotham City which will create an electromagnetic burst that will stop Gotham in it’s tracks! Happy Huntin’ Heroes! The Joker ALWAYS gets the last laugh BUWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!’

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The Injustice Society

Several heroes encountered The Wizards new incarnation of the Injustice Society attempting to find The Glastonbury Wand which The Wizard had once wielded before the JSA took it. They made it clear that members of the JSA are trapped in The Ghost Zone which is an annex of the Phantom Zone. The Society is evidently hunting down Doctor Fate and Hawkman in their attempt to recover the wand.

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