Suicide Squad: team member relay….

Copy Cat Crimes

A message from Jason would go out to every member of the squad, but not to Waller. “This is Jason. Listen, I know some of you may not like working with me, but I know of something we could do as practice, in order to prepare us for our upcoming mission. There is an individual who is pretending to be the Red Hood in Gotham. Now as you can imagine, this is rather a sore spot for me, because Red Hood is MY identity. I’m offering to pay each of you 2,000 dollars, if you help me hunt down, and deal with the perp.”

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Nothing like a classic….

Today in Metropolis fresh off his encounter with the Silver Banshee Jack Knight, aka Starman encounter Mary Marvel, the two discussed old time and of course a new deeply troubling issue in that the Staff had returned to him, this promoted him to come out of retirement to locate and ensure the safety of StarGirl Aka Courtney Whitmore. He conveyed his concerns to Mary who promised to alert the Justice league to pool all their efforts to local the missing heroine!

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Star Man vs Silver Banshee

[13:32] Silver-Banshee Silver Banshee got off the city bus as she had freaked out everyone totally on the bus.. She was bored as hell.. Villains disappearing and Gotham was full of those stupid Bat freak Family.. So today was a day to see what his crappy city had.. slowly she scanned about annoyed itching to hurt someone..

[13:33] Silver-Banshee Then her eyes could the view of Mr. Glow stick.. She rolled them like really … She smirked and started walking towards him as he seemed to be clueless of her.. slowly inhaling as she was getting in range..

[13:34] Jack stands at the entrance of the park, looking around at the unfamiliar architecture and the large statue of Superman…. not quite like Opal City, but it still seemed familiar. The hairs on his neck stood up…..

[13:36] Silver-Banshee smirked and without warning she cut loose and screamed attacking Mr. Glow Stick.. why because she was just bored ..

[13:38] Jack turned in time to see the strange silver figure approaching him…. the skull features making him a bit more wary. When she cuts loose with a scream, Jack ACtivates a force field from his staff even as the force of the sonic attack throws him back into the park, he’s spared the full force, but not by much…

[13:39] Jack Knight: what the hell?!

[13:43] Slightly Dazed, Jack lowers his goggles and prepares for another attack.

[13:44] Jack Knight: I don’t know who you are lady, but I think thats fairly anti-social behavior…..

[13:45] Silver-Banshee smirked ” Nice trick there .. a shield.. that won’t help you” as she moved and like a cat hunting a mouse.. her incredible control over various sounds waves and is able to control as well as produce them through her own prowess. She’s been seen killing someone by vibrating the sound of their own heart beats enough to shatter their own bones. as she was slowing opening her mouth letting the very vibrations and sound to leak out on Mr. Glow Stick..

[13:48] Sir Null and Void (NullandVoid): *realizing that there was a another attack imminent, Jack decided to give her a moving target, and took to the air, rocketing upwards by the power of the Cosmic Staff*

[13:54] Silver-Banshee smirked at the man taking flight as she just floated up flying as well and still She using her voice to try an kill Glow Stick by vibrating the sound to vary Glow Stick’s own heart beats enough to shatter his bones. as she was slowing opening her mouth letting the very vibrations and sound to leak out on Mr. Glow Stick..

[13:56] Silver-Banshee ”I can fly too , Glow Stick… ”

[13:57] Cursed to himself as the weird figure rose up after him, and he felt the odd vibration down to his very bones…. being defensive wasn’t working…. so he tried to fly past her at high speed, turning as he did so and firing a blast of cosmic energy from the Staff at her….

[13:57] Jack Knight: “The name…. ” he says as he fires… ” is STARMAN”

[14:03] Silver-Banshee the blast hit as she hit the ground and looked up snarling but then smiled..” Starman.. Thank you so so much for giving me your name..” Her smile was very wicked and haunting.. It kinda was like that moment like you think did i just screw up?

[14:13] An uncomfortable feeling fills him, and somewhere inside him, he thinks he hears his brother’s voice tell him to “Run!”…. He quickly tries to throw her off balance by rapidly shifting the gravity around his foe…. first heavy, then light, then heavy again, as he quickly flies for cover, hoping to get a few lucky shots in while dodging ….

[14:20] Silver-Banshee as he circles about being annoying as hell she has issues locking on him with her gaze.. then she feels it.. the gravity shifting and going between heavy and light.. Now she was getting ticked.. it was time to see how tough this hero was as she screamed but this was a horrible attack.. as it would effect anyone in hearing range.. People, children, elderly, and heroes or villains..Her Death Wail..Silver Banshee’s most popular weapon of choice is her incredible powerful and destructive voice. She can scream her wail multiple times or for an extended period which can cause people to fall into a coma, drive them insane, or outright kill them.

[14:28] Jack Knight: EVERYONE RUN!

Actions: People freaked as they started to run from the area .. many trying to hold their ears running into building and in cars, or in a bus..

[14:32] Silver-Banshee hearing him scream she turned as she screamed towards him ..

[14:32] Thinks to himself “Where is Superman when you really need him…. or Cap…. at this point I’d settle for Booster Gold….”

[14:38] The scream is muffled somewhat by the forcefield, but it still rattles through him with the force of a small earthquake and his head pounds, and his eyes and ears feel like they are starting to bleed….

[14:43] Silver-Banshee scream was muffled to a point as she stopped being immune to her own powers as well as any other sonic sound or screams.. Now since he was lucky enough to put a bubble about her she got annoyed using her superhuman strength to start punching the bubble as Silver Banshee is at least strong enough to land powerful blows on Superman with significant distress on Superman’s part.

[14:51] Shakes his head to clear it, and tries to think of another strategy….. if he used as much of the power of the Staff as he could muster, he might be able to fling her out of the city.

[14:53] Jack Knight: Ok Lady…. I was just sight-seeing, but you’re ruining the mood….. I think its time for you to go. *He focuses his staff to try and repel her, wanting to fling her from the city at high speed….. He prayed he could do it as he activated the staff*

[14:56] Silver-Banshee hit the bubble harder and harder as then it moved? what was this Glow Stick doing? then she got a clue as she went flying at a speed and was flung out of the city… The whole way calling Starman every name in the book and some you many have to look up… Silver Banshee was gone and the city safe..

[14:57] JAck falls heavily to the ground, still feeling like he’d been run over by a city bus….

People cheer and come to his aid as they help the hero that saved them..

[14:59] Jack Knight: Oh yeah….. THATS what I didn’t miss when I retired…

[15:02] Wonder-Woman at this point she saw a bubble fly by as she blinked and landed seeing Starman as she moved over to him quickly checking him as the people moved.. ” Are you alright? Who did this to you?”

[15:03] Looks up and blinks he sees Wonder Woman… but not the one he’d met at Wesley’s funeral…..

[15:04] Jack Knight: Some lady that looked like she stepped out of Carnival of Souls by way of the Black and White Ball….. she screamed a lot and … it HURT….

[15:04] Jack Knight: I …. feel like a bell thats been rung, but… I’m alive…

[15:05] leans heavily against the Cosmic Staff

[15:07] Wonder-Woman her eyes widen.” That was Silver Banshee.. She is very dangerous.. She is strong enough to even hurt Superman.. You are lucky to be alive..” as she slowly helps him up.. ” What League you in? I do not recognize you…”

[15:08] Jack Knight: I’m…. Jack Knight…. I was … am Starman. I was with the JSA for awhile.

[15:08] Jack Knight: I mean…. you’re Wonder Woman…. the current one….

[15:13] Wonder-Woman ” Starman Nice to meet you at least.. JSA? Oh my Mother’s old team..Yes I am the current one hehe.. My mother retired..” as she smiled.. ” Can that staff heal you?”

[15:14] *shakes his head* No…. it can do a lot of things, but thats not one of them…. Your mother? Hippolyta?

[15:15] Jack Knight: And yes…. I’m honored to meet you

[15:17] Wonder-Woman contacts the watch tower and tells them that they need to contact the JSA.. Starman is hurt.. then looks to him..” Yes, Hippolyta is my mother.. Queen of my homelands..” a smile..” The Watch Tower is getting the JSA.. I will stay with you till someone comes..”

[15:18] Jack Knight: Thank you…. I’ve… been out of the game for awhile. Some welcome back…

[15:20] Wonder-Woman ” Hmm you may wish to put in more training time before going on out and risk being almost killed my friend.”

[15:20] gives a devil-may-care grin. “Story of my life Wonder Woman…. ”

[15:22] Wonder-Woman she smirks and sighs.. ” Just try not to get killed okay? ”

[15:22] Jack Knight: *smiles* Thats always at the top of my list….. want to be there for my kids…

[15:24] Jack Knight: I think I need to review some files and see who it was I was facing…..

WildCat : at that time Wild Cat showed up and got out of a van..” Hear you almost got your butt kicked? Told ya you needed more train boy”

[15:27] Jack Knight: In fairness Ted, I wasn’t expecting to come out of retirement…. Want to tell me why the Staff came back to me without Courtney attached?

[15:27] Wonder-Woman ” WildCat please be nice”

WildCat: “Hell if i know.. Talk to Fate about all that stuff”

[15:29] Jack Knight: Good to see you, by the way…. been awhile…

[15:29] *shakes Wildcat’s hand*

WildCat shakes his as well : ” Just a few years.. I still got it though.. Let’s get your butt to the medical room.. Thanks Wondies for looking after him..”

[15:32] Wonder-Woman arched a brow at Wondies and smirked ” Sure.. Please be safe you two..”

WildCat: Safe.. Meh where the fun in that.. But i will try.. Later Wondies..” as he helps Starman in the van

[15:33] Wonder-Woman ” Nice meeting you to Starman.. ” a warm smile

[15:37] clambers into the van with Wildcat and sits heavily on the seat…. waiting to get to the JSA medical room.

[15:38] Axis Maelthra Franizzi (Axis Dragovar): At this point WildCat waved to Wonder Woman and headed out with Starman to head back to JSA HQ…

Scene Ends

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Suicide Squad: Reflexive Reflections…. (Red Hood)

While the Red Hood was under the knife getting his insurance policy installed by the wall our attention shifts to Gotham where A hood strong arms a young woman into an alley. “Hey kitten, you look a little lost,” He hissed and began to tear at her blazer, before he got that far however he was yanked off, sent flying into a brick wall. “You have no idea what you got yourself in for,” He said spitting blood and teeth, turning he was stunned, there before him was…The Red Hood drawing down on him…

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Suicide Squad: One Night Stand Prequel 2… (interviews)

In a hidden location the new squad was finalized with two members added, this team as indicated by Amanda Waller will be comprised of the following…

1: Harley Quinn (The Psycho)
2: Red Hood (The Killer)
3: Catalyst (The Brains)
4: Eretica (The insider)

Deaths today: 0, The Wall is pleased for now….
Next Chapter: The New Cold war…..

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Suicide Squad: One Night Stand Prequel… (interviews)

In a deep dark hole Amanda Waller spent some quality time with some of her recruits, others are in process of being transfered. Harley Quinn, The Red Hood and Shirae Kane were the first on the list, Quinn being not her first dance quickly joined up for kicks.. Hood saw the logic and had his own motivations, Alas, the traitor Shirae Wolf did not take to the indoctrination.

Tip: Remember kids, there is no “I” in team!

Deaths today: 1- Shirae Kane, Created Super villain (Detonation)

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Intel On Jokerware

This is Oracle. I have been able to study The Joker’s new Jokerware malware virus and have made some interesting discoveries. It would appear that The Joker’s program which he boasted was actually created by tech mogul, Mark Flair is actually built upon a hidden feature already existing within Flairware’s original program design. Evidently, Mark Flair had an existing program hidden within his design of Flairware that gave him access to all the personal data and intel of his users. The Jokerware malware program merely piggybacks on this existing program to give The Joker personal access to anyone’s data who has Fairware installed on their computer or smartphone.

Since The Joker announced the existence of Jokerware there have been over 120 instances of identification theft, over $10 mllion dollars worth of stolen funds from bank accounts, 35 instances of fires, 48 instances of dismemberment and 15 deaths that we can all definitely attribute to Jokerware.

I am have reached out to Ray Palmer and Michael Holt to help in attempting to write a software virus program to eradicate the programming of Jokerware but so far it has been slow going. Had Flair not already included his hidden program into Flairware to begin with it would have been a lot easier to write a computer malware of our own to combat Jokerware. We will keep the JLA posted on our process.


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