First Assault!

After the JLA contacted the US Government and city of Metropolis about a possible Amazon Invasion, Mayor Fleming called for an immediate evacuation of the city aided by the police, fire, National Guard and US Army. Also the Coast Guard and US Navy patrolled the sea coast for possible sighting of the expected Amazon fleet.

Unbeknownst to anyone, The Amazons were transported to Metropolis using portal devices that were operated by Hope Graves. As the army which composed of hundreds of two major phalanxes led by Commander Phillipa and Captain Penthesilea marched thru the streets of Metropolis finally stopping near the LexCorp building where the JLA and other heroes awaited them.

Troia and Superman attempted to parley with the leaders but were warned not to interfere and were allowed to depart. Of course, the JLA had no intention of allowing the Amazons to take over the city and combat was soon engaged. Troia attacked Commander Phillipa herself as Supergirl engaged Captain Penthesilea.

During the battle, Superman was injured by an enchanted arrow from the Amazon archers as was Kurdaitcha. Miss Martian attempted to make contact with the Amazons but found her attempts blocked until she discovered the Priestesses in the Army were somehow responsible. Once she informed the others, Mary Marvel attacked the Priestesses with her magic lightning.

It soon became evident that the Amazons were under a spell as when they recovered from being knocked senseless they seemed to awake from a slumber not knowing where they were. Once these Amazons regained their senses, they aided in attempting to disarm and knock their sisters senseless.

As the tide of battle turned, Troia managed to lasso Commander Phillipa which abruptly broke the enchantment. She informed Troia that Circe had come to Themiscrya with an army of animorphs and the exiled Amazon sisters Hope and Mercy Graves. They had managed to slay the Amazons guarding the Gates to the Underworld and had released Ares from Tartarus. Once freed, Ares and Circe had used some kind of amulet to bend the Amazons to their will. Phillipa also told Troia that their invasionary force was a deliberate diversion to keep the JLA busy while Queen Hippolyta and Mercy Graves lead the main force to invade Central City….seeking something at STAR Labs and attempting to lure Wonder Woman there ( who was oddly absent in Metropolis during the battle ).

As Supergirl defeated Captain Penethesilea and the heroes managed to bring the Amazons back to their senses, Commander Phillipa ordered her army to stand down as they had all been ensorceled. She offered to join her forces with the JLA to defeat Queen HIppolyta’s army in Central City.

(( to be continued….))

Heroes present: Superman, Supergirl, Troia ( Donna Troy), Flash ( Wally West), Mary Marvel, MIss Martian, Firestorm, Livewire, Kurdaitcha.

Others present: Commander Phillipa, Captain Penthesilea, Amazon hoplites, priestesses, archers, swordmaidens, Royal Guard and warriors.

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The Amazon Fleet

Both the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard report no sightings of the supposed Amazon fleet of ships. When asked about this new outcome, President Trump claimed that “supposed reports ¬†a possible Amazon Invasion have been overly inflated and that if it does not happen, The JLA will be held accountable for creating fake news.”

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Due to warnings from the JLA of an impending Amazon invasion of Metropolis, Mayor Fleming has ordered an immediate evacuation of Metropolis. Police, National Guard and U.S. Army Corps are all aiding in the evacuation of the city.

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Skies Turn Red in Bizarre Meteorological Phenomenon

For approximately 15 minutes this afternoon, the skies across the entire continental United States turned a bright shade of crimson for no apparent reason that has yet been determined. Meteorologists and atmospheric scientists are baffled by the phenomenon. Reports are coming in that a similar occurrence took place at other locations around the world, but each at different times, before disappearing exactly 15 minutes after they started. Stay tuned for further updates as we learn more.

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The Threat of Circe

The other day, Superman summoned members of the Justice League to the Watchtower to inform them that several threats of magical nature were ravaging worldwide Рreports of flying demons and the undead walking. Wonder Woman had discovered that all of these unnatural occurrences all were on magical ley lines that lead back to her own home isle of Themyscira and that possibly the Gates to the Underworld that were guarded by The Amazons has been opened by Circe. The JLA decided to travel to Themyscira to investigate after Wonder Woman was unable to contact her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

Upon arriving on Themyscira, Flash did a quick recon around the island only to find that the Amazons appeared to be missing. Reporting this back to the other JLA members, Wonder Woman lead the team to the entrance to the caves leading to the Gates to The Underworld – Tartarus and Hades. Finding the cave unguarded, the team entered only to find the Gates were closed.

Circe suddenly appeared threatening the JLA. However, when both Flash and Mary Marvel attempted to grab her as Wonder Woman and Troia tried to lasso her, they discovered she was only an illusion. Circe told them The Amazons had left Paradise Island to invade Man’s World….and specifically, Metropolis! The JLA left for Metropolis immediately to investigate her claims that The Amazons had declared War on Man’s World!

(( To be continued…..))

Heroes present: Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash ( Wally West), Firestorm, Mary Marvel, Troia ( Donna Troy), and Livewire.

Villain present: Circe

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A Titanic Reunion?

Miss Martian, having helped a number of heroes deal with Starro the Conqueror’s latest attempt to subjugate the Earth, had decided to return to America from the Australian outback, despite how much the latter reminded her of Mars. She contacted the Titans to apply to rejoin their ranks. She was told to meet them at Titans Tower to discuss it, and that she could bring along any other heroes to speak for her as well. M’gann arrived at Titans Tower only to find it deserted. As she waited, Troia and Mary Marvel also arrived. A prerecording from Robin flashed on the screen telling those present that he, Superboy, and Kid Flash had been called away, but for them to enjoy the facilities at the Tower for now. The three heroes spent some time catching up about recent crises and reminiscing–as well as sharing some cookies and milk.

As they chatted, however, an alert flashed onscreen, showing a chaotic situation outside the S.T.A.R. Labs building. It appeared a vortex of some kind had opened outside the lab and several velociraptors and a T. Rex had emerged, similiar to what had happened at the JL Watchtower a few days earlier. The three heroes immediately flew to S.T.A.R. Labs to deal withi the crisis. There they found the dinosaurs engaged by several S.T.A.R. security guards, trying to protect some civilains from the rampaging creatures.

Troia attempted to rope the T. Rex with her lasso, while Mary, a little rusty from recent inactivity, rushed into the Rex at superspeed, knocking him back with her strength, but nearly getting Troia pulled along with the beast. Fortunately, Troia managed to let the creature loose from her lasso. But the action seemed to enrage all the dinosaurs, who now attacked the heroes and the guards and civilians. Miss Martian had tried to use her telepathy on the creatures, but it turned out their brains were too primitive for her to easily grasp . . . but she noticed that they seemed to be under some kind of control. As the creatures attacked, however, one held back near the vortex, as if it were watching . . .

While Mary dealt with two of the raptors who’d lept at her, Troia worked swiftly to get the guards and civilians to safety. Miss Martian, meanwhile, tackled the T. Rex, grabbing its snapping jaws and holding it immoble with her Martian strength. Troia noticed the one raptor holding back . . . just like the one had at the Watchtower, so she decided to rush it. Meanwhlile, two of the other raptors lept toward her. Mary had dealt quickly with the two raptors who’d attacked her, and before they could regroup, she grabbed them and flew up in the air with them. Meanwhile, Miss Martian, holding off the Rex, realized that the raptor that Troia had noticed wasn’t giving off any mental emanations that she could detect at all–so wasn’t alive. She told Troia that, while she dealt with the Rex by shape-shifting into a huge Spinosaurus to hopefully scare the creature back.

Troia, now knowing the one raptor not to be a living being, struck it a mighty blow, no longer needing to worry about harming a living creature. The raptor seemed damaged, sparking and smoking as its head fell off to reveal metal and wires–before it disappeared. The two raptors Mary was now spinning around dizzily also disappeared, and the two that had been going for Troia instead lept over her and disappeared into the vortex. The Rex, retreating from the “Spinosaurus” also ran back into the vortex and disappeared–as did the vortex itself. Shape-shifting back to herself, Miss Martian joined Troia, as did Mary, to discuss what had just happened.

They were joined by a scientist from the lab who said they’d gotten some energy readings from the vortex and would send them to whomever the heroes specified. Troia suggested the data be sent to the League Watchtower, as they’d been looking for other vortexes like the one that had opened there previously. The scientist agreed and returned to the lab to transmit the data, while the heroes returned to Titans Tower to finish off the milk and cookies . . .

Heroes Present: Troia, Mary Marvel, Miss Martian.

Villains Present: Raptors, T. Rex, Robo-Raptor, unknown villain or force behind the vortex . . .

Others Present: S.T.A.R. Labs security guards, civilains, S.T.A.R. Labs scientist

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A Night Off at the Watchtower . . . Almost

Black Canary put out a call on all hero channels asking any heroes who could to meet at the Justice League Watchtower. Though only a handful responded, it turned out that the heroine had a small commemorative ceremony in mind–along with cake and punch. (Unfortunately, the bakery had sent a wedding cake by accident, and since deliveries to Earth orbit are difficult enough already, they went with it.) Although there seemed to be some friction between Wonder Woman and Livewire, as well as between Livewire and Firestorm, Black Canary managed to keep things in line long enough to provide certificates of recognition to all the heroes in attendance in thanks for their efforts on the many crises that they’d helped with during the past year.

Before they could get into the refreshments, however, the Watchtower alarms went off and the computer warned of an unknown anomaly within the Watchtower that seemed to be temporal in nature. Before anyone could react, a vortex appeared against the back wall and several shimmering translucent shapes emerged to scatter themselves along the floor of the Watchtower. They quickly coalesced into the form of several velociraptors and one T. Rex. As they advanced toward the heroes–all but one that seemed to be holding back–Black Canary had a distinct sense of deja vu, harking back to when the Time Commander had sent Utahraptors into the Watchtower to distract the heroes while he looted the League trophy room.

The raptors lept at Black Canary, Firestorm, and Troia, while the T. Rex went after Wonder Woman. Unnoticed, Livewire turned into electricity and entered the wiring of the Watchtower. Black Canary managed to send the raptor attacking her flying with a Canary Cry, but it jumped back up and lept at her again, causing her to increase the power of her Cry, knocking it farther back and into the portal it had emerged from. Firestorm went insubstantial and dropped through the floor, and the raptor attacking him crashed into the table, leaping up on it and trashing the cake and punch. Troia managed to get her lasso of persuasion around the necks of both raptors going for her, and it seemed to have a calming effect on them.

The T. Rex seemed uncertain and was sniffing out Wonder Woman who tried to calm it by speaking to it in a soothing manner . . . till Livewire zapped it from below. The bolt of electricity stunned the creature momentarily, though it also seemed to drive it to attack Wonder Woman. Given no choice the Amazon Princess countered with a mighty blow, as Firestorm turned the deck beneath it to tar, causing the Rex to sink even as Wonder Woman’s blow rendered it unconscious. Livewire shifted to the raptor that had been holding back, looking as though it had merely been watching the proceedings. Her electrical attack caused that raptor to begin to spark and smoke and seem to fall apart, before it disappeared, cuing the electrical heroine in that it was actually a machine, as opposed to the other, living creatures.

As the raptor at the rear disappeared, the remaining creatures seemed to get wilder, the one on the table leaping at Wonder Woman and the two charging Troia. Wonder Woman managed to turn in time to deliver a powerful blow against the raptor leaping at her, sending it sprawling and hard into the wall of the Watchtower. It, too, disappeared. Troia sidestepped the other two raptors, causing them to crash into the conference table, and Livewire zapped both of them, dropping them as they disappeared as well. Black Canary, fearing another diversion, had jumped down to the lower level of the Watchtower to make sure the trophy room was secure, but she found no problem there. By the time she returned, the threat had ended and the portal itself vanished as had the dinosaurs.

Livewire filled the others in on the mechanical nature of the one raptor, and the heroes discussed the situation, fearing that they might now be the targets of yet another time-manipulating villian, or possibly even one of a mystical nature, as Wonder Woman ventured. On Wonder Woman’s suggestion, Black Canary determined to contact one of their magical allies–Zatanna or Dr. Fate both being mentioned–to set up mystical wards to protect the Watchower and on Troia’s to try to get the Watchtower sensors set up to search for future temporal incursions. Although Black Canary had expressed the hope that this might have been a random occurrence, the fact that one of the raptors had been a machine, watching and possibly controlling what had happened, seemed to rule that out. So Canary asked all of the heroes to be on the alert for any more similar events happening and to report back should they detect them.

Heros Present: Wonder Woman, Troia, Firestorm, Livewire, Saturn Girl, Black Canary.

Villains: Velociraptors, T. Rex, Robo-Raptor, possible unknown time villain . . .

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