The Daily Planet is your go-to news source for all things heroic that have taken place at the Justice DC roleplay within Second Life.

This publication contains news of what took place, interviews, additional content, and much more.  Our writers and photographers are busy creating getting the facts to let you know what’s happening, what you missed, and why you should kick yourself for not being there!

Writers and photographers are wanted!  We want to hear your news and views.  Visit this page or contact a Justice GM for more information on how to become a regular contributor.  Guest article submissions and pictures are always welcome and can be submitted by sending an email to the Daily Planet Editors.

If you want to create a character and join in on the fun, visit us in Second Life at Justice.

Disclaimer: The Daily Planet Blog is not affiliated with DC Comics and no infringement is intended.  There is no monetary gain, so the articles here and roleplaying efforts are protected under fair use laws.  This news blog is a fictional summary of storytelling, by fans, for fans, for the sheer love of all things DC!

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