How to Contribute

Want to help out?  There’s a few ways that you can do so!

1. Become a staff writer
Reporters and writers are needed in order to summarize the events that happen and write news articles, which they will then post to the Daily Planet for everyone to read.  By becoming a staff writer, you will need to follow these directions in order to publish the news so our readers can keep up with what’s happening around town.

2. Become a staff photographer
Are you great with telling a story with pictures?  Then we want you to break out your camera (on your viewer) and capture the events visually so others can see what took place.  You don’t have to write the articles if you aren’t good at that thing, but we love to see what took place through your keen eye and sense of composition.

3. Be a guest writer/photographer
You don’t have to be a regular member of the staff to submit an article or pictures detailing what took place during an event.  Guest submissions are always welcome, and can be made by sending an email to Daily Planet Editors.

4. Attend a class on news writing
A class detailing how to write news articles will be offered once a month at the Daily Planet in the Justice sim.  If you want to create award winning articles that are similar to what you see in your local paper, or even similar to how the news is delivered on TV, then you’ll want to attend!  This class will be helpful for anyone who is interested in becoming a regular contributor, or you simply wish to be a guest writer.

5. Become a Team Leader
Occasionally, important roles that are considered as Team Leaders will become available.  Characters that are classified as this are important, as they oversee a team (i.e. the Justice League of America, Teen Teen Titans, etc) and are strongly encouraged to create opportunities for other characters that are part of that team on a weekly basis.  It is also advised that they organize instructors from their team who can offer classes for student characters to attend.

6.  Become a teacher
If you have a character who is a full member of a team, even if it’s a created character, then you can teach a class!  Instructors are needed to provide fun ways to provide knowledge to other students at our various schools.  The subject you wish to teach is up to you, but even topics that can help provide a greater understanding of the enemies that one may have to face, or how certain powers work, can benefit anyone who takes the class.  Please see your Team Lead for more information, or speak with a GM if you do not have a Team Lead.

7.  Become a storyteller
Storytellers are the life blood around Justice, as they work to create and run events for others to participate in, thus creating the news that you can read in the Bugle.  Storytellers help each other out when its needed in order to ensure that an event will run smoothly, bounce ideas off of one another, and even portray another role as needed for the event that is scheduled to take place.  If you are interested in becoming a Storyteller, please contact a Justice GM.

If you have any other suggestions ideas not listed here, any questions, or you’d like to sign up to be one of our regular contributors, please contact a member of the leadership team for assistance!