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First Assault!

After the JLA contacted the US Government and city of Metropolis about a possible Amazon Invasion, Mayor Fleming called for an immediate evacuation of the city aided by the police, fire, National Guard and US Army. Also the Coast Guard … Continue reading

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Due to warnings from the JLA of an impending Amazon invasion of Metropolis, Mayor Fleming has ordered an immediate evacuation of Metropolis. Police, National Guard and U.S. Army Corps are all aiding in the evacuation of the city.

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LexCorp Satellite Unresponsive

A LexCorp spokesman announced today that one of the company’s communications satellites has ceased to function. Contact was lost with the satellite during Saturday night’s Echino meteor shower, and it is feared that it was damaged by fragments from the … Continue reading

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LexCorp Announces End to Telluric Project

A LexCorp spokesman today announced that the company was shutting down its telluric current project in light of a few desturbing side effects as well as the destruction of much of the project’s infrastructure. In a written statement, CEO Lex … Continue reading

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Lex Luthor Under Investigation

The Mayor and City Council have asked the District Attorney to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate LexCorp CEO Lex Luthor for his part in the recent “Battle of Metropolis.” Specifically, the probe is to determine whether reckless endangerment and … Continue reading

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Earth Crisis – Aftermath

Following the battle of Metropolis, Black Adam streaked away carrying his unconscious wife, Isis, back to Kahndaq to recover from the effects of Lex Luthor’s telluric death rays. With her last words before passing out, Isis had indicated that the … Continue reading

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UN Declares Sanctions on Kahndaq

Today, in an emergency meeting of the United Nations, it was unilaterally voted to declare economic sanctions upon the Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq after the terrorist attack by their sovereign queen, Isis upon Metropolis. The UN is also demanding … Continue reading

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