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Ghost in the Theater

Starman and Troia stopped The Gentleman Ghost and his hired henchman from robbing the patrons of the Ace of Clubs in Metropolis the other day. Though The Ghost escaped, the heroes learned from his captured henchmen that The Ghost appeared … Continue reading

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Nothing like a classic….

Today in Metropolis fresh off his encounter with the Silver Banshee Jack Knight, aka Starman encounter Mary Marvel, the two discussed old time and of course a new deeply troubling issue in that the Staff had returned to him, this … Continue reading

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When Giants Walked the Earth

Yesterday, Mayor Fleming called a press conference to address Doctor Sivana’s ransom demands for 5 billion dollars to save Metropolis from an intended rampage of chaos and destruction. Joined by CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, Mayor Fleming stated that Metropolis … Continue reading

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A Dark Figure Appears

At the offices of Meta Human Affairs, a large armored man appeared, demanding to speak with a woman named Diana, His voice was described as giving witnesses a chill as he spoke. After several minutes her left, stating he would … Continue reading

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Has the Guardian Returned to Metropolis?

From the Daily Planet: Eye witnesses reported a shield slinging hero appear and thwart a bank robbery at Metropolis bank, the hero stopped & shook hands with citizens but left when a woman screamed in the distance. The Guardian was … Continue reading

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First Assault!

After the JLA contacted the US Government and city of Metropolis about a possible Amazon Invasion, Mayor Fleming called for an immediate evacuation of the city aided by the police, fire, National Guard and US Army. Also the Coast Guard … Continue reading

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Due to warnings from the JLA of an impending Amazon invasion of Metropolis, Mayor Fleming has ordered an immediate evacuation of Metropolis. Police, National Guard and U.S. Army Corps are all aiding in the evacuation of the city.

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