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New Revelations!

Flash and Robin called Mary Marvel to the Batcave today to have her look at the robot that they captured after their run-in with the new Fearsome Five. They discovered that parts of the robot were composed of Sivanium, a … Continue reading

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Breaking news from Fawcett City, beloved newstand owner, Freddy Freeman was kidnapped this morning in broad daylight by a group of masked men. Eyewitnesses said a group of four masked men gagged and carried the young newstand owner off to … Continue reading

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From the Deep

A group of mostly mystical type heroes had previously been summoned to help Mistress Karma–the Dr. Fate of her timeline–locate a Temple of Summoning constructed on her world by an aquatic race known as the Deep Ones. Having helped the … Continue reading

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Giant at S.T.A.R. Labs

Hoax or experiment gone wrong? Earlier this evening, while sit-seeing with his mother, 15 year old amateur photographer, Petey Parsons, snapped a picture of what he claims was a giant standing on the S.T.A.R. Labs building in Central City before … Continue reading

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A Dark Figure Appears

At the offices of Meta Human Affairs, a large armored man appeared, demanding to speak with a woman named Diana, His voice was described as giving witnesses a chill as he spoke. After several minutes her left, stating he would … Continue reading

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