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Stone Cold!

Batman was alerted to a police bulletin about a possible hostage situation at the Iceberg Lounge. Upon arriving he spied from the skylight of the club that The Penguin and several wealthy patrons were being held at gunpoint by several … Continue reading

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Assault on STAR Labs

Today, STAR Labs in Central City was attacked by The Joker and Mercy Graves leading an army of hired gunmen that appeared coming thru the glass of the windows of the facility. As Batman, Batgirl and Troia had STAR Labs … Continue reading

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Attack on Kord

This morning, a group of gunmen posing as a MPD SWAT Team infiltrated Kord Industries in downtown Metropolis, lead by The Joker and Mercy Graves. They made their way to the inner chambers where they confiscated a cache of green … Continue reading

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