First Assault!

After the JLA contacted the US Government and city of Metropolis about a possible Amazon Invasion, Mayor Fleming called for an immediate evacuation of the city aided by the police, fire, National Guard and US Army. Also the Coast Guard and US Navy patrolled the sea coast for possible sighting of the expected Amazon fleet.

Unbeknownst to anyone, The Amazons were transported to Metropolis using portal devices that were operated by Hope Graves. As the army which composed of hundreds of two major phalanxes led by Commander Phillipa and Captain Penthesilea marched thru the streets of Metropolis finally stopping near the LexCorp building where the JLA and other heroes awaited them.

Troia and Superman attempted to parley with the leaders but were warned not to interfere and were allowed to depart. Of course, the JLA had no intention of allowing the Amazons to take over the city and combat was soon engaged. Troia attacked Commander Phillipa herself as Supergirl engaged Captain Penthesilea.

During the battle, Superman was injured by an enchanted arrow from the Amazon archers as was Kurdaitcha. Miss Martian attempted to make contact with the Amazons but found her attempts blocked until she discovered the Priestesses in the Army were somehow responsible. Once she informed the others, Mary Marvel attacked the Priestesses with her magic lightning.

It soon became evident that the Amazons were under a spell as when they recovered from being knocked senseless they seemed to awake from a slumber not knowing where they were. Once these Amazons regained their senses, they aided in attempting to disarm and knock their sisters senseless.

As the tide of battle turned, Troia managed to lasso Commander Phillipa which abruptly broke the enchantment. She informed Troia that Circe had come to Themiscrya with an army of animorphs and the exiled Amazon sisters Hope and Mercy Graves. They had managed to slay the Amazons guarding the Gates to the Underworld and had released Ares from Tartarus. Once freed, Ares and Circe had used some kind of amulet to bend the Amazons to their will. Phillipa also told Troia that their invasionary force was a deliberate diversion to keep the JLA busy while Queen Hippolyta and Mercy Graves lead the main force to invade Central City….seeking something at STAR Labs and attempting to lure Wonder Woman there ( who was oddly absent in Metropolis during the battle ).

As Supergirl defeated Captain Penethesilea and the heroes managed to bring the Amazons back to their senses, Commander Phillipa ordered her army to stand down as they had all been ensorceled. She offered to join her forces with the JLA to defeat Queen HIppolyta’s army in Central City.

(( to be continued….))

Heroes present: Superman, Supergirl, Troia ( Donna Troy), Flash ( Wally West), Mary Marvel, MIss Martian, Firestorm, Livewire, Kurdaitcha.

Others present: Commander Phillipa, Captain Penthesilea, Amazon hoplites, priestesses, archers, swordmaidens, Royal Guard and warriors.

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