Intel On Jokerware

This is Oracle. I have been able to study The Joker’s new Jokerware malware virus and have made some interesting discoveries. It would appear that The Joker’s program which he boasted was actually created by tech mogul, Mark Flair is actually built upon a hidden feature already existing within Flairware’s original program design. Evidently, Mark Flair had an existing program hidden within his design of Flairware that gave him access to all the personal data and intel of his users. The Jokerware malware program merely piggybacks on this existing program to give The Joker personal access to anyone’s data who has Fairware installed on their computer or smartphone.

Since The Joker announced the existence of Jokerware there have been over 120 instances of identification theft, over $10 mllion dollars worth of stolen funds from bank accounts, 35 instances of fires, 48 instances of dismemberment and 15 deaths that we can all definitely attribute to Jokerware.

I am have reached out to Ray Palmer and Michael Holt to help in attempting to write a software virus program to eradicate the programming of Jokerware but so far it has been slow going. Had Flair not already included his hidden program into Flairware to begin with it would have been a lot easier to write a computer malware of our own to combat Jokerware. We will keep the JLA posted on our process.


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