Daily Planet Special Report

On a ‘goodwill mission’ preaching peace, the wanted terrorist known as Isis was captured in India by superhuman agents acting in the name of the U.N. The civilians protested Isis’ words of peace, they cited the incident in Metropolis where she killed hundreds,maybe thousands of people, calling her a hypocrite; she only said she was sorry & tried to get back on the subject of peace. In a flash of light, Captain Atom, Major Force, Mary Marvel & Supergirl emerged from a portal created by Dr Fate; the heroes were led by Batman who cited their authority from the U.N & backed by the Indian Government. Isis put up a short battle, as she was taken unawares, as the heroes intended.

Isis was taken to an undisclosed holding area & will stand trial for her crimes against humanity. The U.S. Government considers her actions an act of war, but rather than follow her lead & murder an untold number of civilians, they are content with her capture. Her spouse, the villain known as Black Adam has previously stated ait would be an act of war if anyone went after her, however, the U.S. Government considers her actions,with the backing of Black Adam,ruler of Kandaq, to be the initial strike thus already opening with a 1st strike on the USA. The crowd of civilians cheered as the heroes took the villain into custody.

Black Adam made it known he will not rest til he has rescued his wife and is making plans to invade the US to take her by force!

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