When Giants Walked the Earth

Yesterday, Mayor Fleming called a press conference to address Doctor Sivana’s ransom demands for 5 billion dollars to save Metropolis from an intended rampage of chaos and destruction. Joined by CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor, Mayor Fleming stated that Metropolis would never bow to terrorist demands. Doctor Sivana then broke into all transmissions to declare that the Mayor should have accepted his demands and that Metropolis would suffer for refusing him.

At that moment, Giganta, who in her normal guise had been lurking amidst the crowd in disguise, revealed herself and grew in stature to attack the Metropolis Aerorail Transit system. Fortunately several heroes had come to the press conference including Captain Marvel who had been covering it as boy reporter Billy Batson from WHIZ News from Fawcett City.

Giganta attacked the rail system destroying part of the tracks as she attempted to fend off Mary Marvel, Troia, Zatanna, and Firestorm. Captain Marvel sped off to rescue one of the skytrain’s speeding towards the station. During the battle, Zatanna had noticed that her magical spells seemed to be absorbed by one of the stone bracelets around Giganta’s wrists. As Giganta attempted to stomp her foot down on Zatanna, Mary Marvel and Troia managed to upend her causing her to fall back.As Giganta began to hurl debris from smashing the station, Firestorm managed to transmute it into kites that drfited off harmlessly.. Fortunately, Miss Martian arrived to cushion Giganta’s fall with a telekinetic cushion so that the giantess didn’t cause any more damage. Using her powers to hurl debris at Giganta to keep her down, Zatanna inadvertently shattered one of the stones from Giganta’s bracelets which caused her to teleport away..

Zatanna then aided Captain Marvel in stopping the speeding skytram train only yards from the destroyed tracks. As he returned to join the heroes, civilians informed them that The Daily Planet building was being attacked by a giant ape!

Racing to the Daily Planet, the heroes discovered the super-ape, Titano. Before Captain Marvel could act, he was struck by Titano and hurled across the city. Then Titano attacked the other heroes with his Kryptonite vision. Mary Marvel and Troia flew into attack the giant ape as Zatanna created the illusion of WWI biplanes to confuse and distract him. Troia managed to lasso one of Titano’s arms but he cracked it like a whip to slam her into the front of the Daily Planet building as Mary Marvel flew in to spin Titano around with super-speed allowing Troia to leap and strike him a powerful blow to the jaw.

This action however, caused Titano to become dizzy and he then vomited towards the hero but fortunately Zatanna was able to protect them from being struck with a giant umbrella. Miss Martian then morphed into a giant T-Rex to engage Titano in combat and also attempted to try a mind probe to calm the beast down, only to discover a device attached to the back of the ape’s neck which not only blocked her powers but possibly was causing Titano to attack.

Just then, Supergirl arrived to rescue Miss Martian from Titano’s savage attack. However, recognizing Supergirl’s colors of her uniform attempted to blast her with his Kryptonite vision which fortunately Firestorm managed to transmute as Zatanna erected her giant umbrella to shield Supergirl. Miss Martian informed the others of the device on Titano’s neck. Supergirl flew up and struck Titano and then managed to remove the device….however, once the device was removed Titano appeared to teleport away as Giganta had done.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel has been flung across the bay to crash into a warehouse on the Gotham City docks. Recovering he was speeding back to Metropolis when he was knocked out of the sky by the giant robot, Mister Atom who then began to stomp The World’s Mightiest Mortal into the street in front of the LexCorp building. Hearing the sounds of combat, the heroes rushed to the scene.

Troia managed to rescue Captain Marvel from under Mister Atom’s foot. The giant robot then unfolded gatling guns from the metal shields over it’s shoulders which had little effect upon the heroes. Firestorm managed to transmute the bullets harmlessly as Zatanna sent other bullets back towards their aggressor. Then Mister Atom unleashed his deadly radioactive Atom Vision upon the heroes but fortunately Firestorm was able to absorb the energy to save the others as they then took the battle to the giant robot.

During the battle, Mister Atom informed them that he had been sent to take out the power relay devices atop the LexCorp building that powers the Inner City of Metropolis. Miss Martian, still in her T-Rex form rushed Mister Atom driving him back and with her jaws crushed his shoulder guns. Supergirl attempted to melt away one of his legs but the unique metals only glowed redly as Captain Marvel recovered himself to join the battle. He told them that Mister Atom’s head was it’s weakest spot as he joined Mary Marvel, Supergirl and Troia in attacking the giant robot., while Zatanna distracted him with lightning attacks.

Mary Marvel remembered a past run-in with Mister Atom where they had managed to launch him into space and attempted to lift the giant robot which was unusually heavier than usual. Firestorm then flew in and phased inside the robot but was hurled out by some unknown force….however, Firestorm was unaware that he had actually damaged Mister Atom’s gravity stabilizers which were keeping him from being lifted. WIth those stabilizers now damaged, Troia, Mary Marvel, Miss Martian, Supergirl and Captain Marvel were now able to lift Mister Atom and hurl him into space, speeding towards the sun.

Unbeknownst to the heroes however, as Mister Atom hurtled towards the sun, he clipped an unknown spacecraft just beyond Earth’s orbit in stealth mode, damaging the alien craft which then fell into Earth’s gravitational field to crash into the far Arctic wastes. Also unknown to the heroes, another new villain to Metropolis had been following them during the battle to observe and make detailed notes of their powers and fighting styles.

Recovering from the battle, the heroes realized that Doctor Sivana had strategically maneuvered his giant threats to try to take out the city’s transit system, media and power systems.

Doctor Sivana didn’t respond to the defeat of his three titanic members of his Monster Society of Evil but it can only be imagined that the World’s Maddest Scientist will not allow this defeat to stop whatever schemes he has…..

(( To be continued….))

Heroes present: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Troia, Firestorm, Zatanna, Miss Martian, Supergirl

Villans present: Giganta, Titano, Mister Atom, Lucien

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