A Titanic Reunion?

Miss Martian, having helped a number of heroes deal with Starro the Conqueror’s latest attempt to subjugate the Earth, had decided to return to America from the Australian outback, despite how much the latter reminded her of Mars. She contacted the Titans to apply to rejoin their ranks. She was told to meet them at Titans Tower to discuss it, and that she could bring along any other heroes to speak for her as well. M’gann arrived at Titans Tower only to find it deserted. As she waited, Troia and Mary Marvel also arrived. A prerecording from Robin flashed on the screen telling those present that he, Superboy, and Kid Flash had been called away, but for them to enjoy the facilities at the Tower for now. The three heroes spent some time catching up about recent crises and reminiscing–as well as sharing some cookies and milk.

As they chatted, however, an alert flashed onscreen, showing a chaotic situation outside the S.T.A.R. Labs building. It appeared a vortex of some kind had opened outside the lab and several velociraptors and a T. Rex had emerged, similiar to what had happened at the JL Watchtower a few days earlier. The three heroes immediately flew to S.T.A.R. Labs to deal withi the crisis. There they found the dinosaurs engaged by several S.T.A.R. security guards, trying to protect some civilains from the rampaging creatures.

Troia attempted to rope the T. Rex with her lasso, while Mary, a little rusty from recent inactivity, rushed into the Rex at superspeed, knocking him back with her strength, but nearly getting Troia pulled along with the beast. Fortunately, Troia managed to let the creature loose from her lasso. But the action seemed to enrage all the dinosaurs, who now attacked the heroes and the guards and civilians. Miss Martian had tried to use her telepathy on the creatures, but it turned out their brains were too primitive for her to easily grasp . . . but she noticed that they seemed to be under some kind of control. As the creatures attacked, however, one held back near the vortex, as if it were watching . . .

While Mary dealt with two of the raptors who’d lept at her, Troia worked swiftly to get the guards and civilians to safety. Miss Martian, meanwhile, tackled the T. Rex, grabbing its snapping jaws and holding it immoble with her Martian strength. Troia noticed the one raptor holding back . . . just like the one had at the Watchtower, so she decided to rush it. Meanwhlile, two of the other raptors lept toward her. Mary had dealt quickly with the two raptors who’d attacked her, and before they could regroup, she grabbed them and flew up in the air with them. Meanwhile, Miss Martian, holding off the Rex, realized that the raptor that Troia had noticed wasn’t giving off any mental emanations that she could detect at all–so wasn’t alive. She told Troia that, while she dealt with the Rex by shape-shifting into a huge Spinosaurus to hopefully scare the creature back.

Troia, now knowing the one raptor not to be a living being, struck it a mighty blow, no longer needing to worry about harming a living creature. The raptor seemed damaged, sparking and smoking as its head fell off to reveal metal and wires–before it disappeared. The two raptors Mary was now spinning around dizzily also disappeared, and the two that had been going for Troia instead lept over her and disappeared into the vortex. The Rex, retreating from the “Spinosaurus” also ran back into the vortex and disappeared–as did the vortex itself. Shape-shifting back to herself, Miss Martian joined Troia, as did Mary, to discuss what had just happened.

They were joined by a scientist from the lab who said they’d gotten some energy readings from the vortex and would send them to whomever the heroes specified. Troia suggested the data be sent to the League Watchtower, as they’d been looking for other vortexes like the one that had opened there previously. The scientist agreed and returned to the lab to transmit the data, while the heroes returned to Titans Tower to finish off the milk and cookies . . .

Heroes Present: Troia, Mary Marvel, Miss Martian.

Villains Present: Raptors, T. Rex, Robo-Raptor, unknown villain or force behind the vortex . . .

Others Present: S.T.A.R. Labs security guards, civilains, S.T.A.R. Labs scientist

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