Flashback to the Past – Part 3

If You’re Going To San Francisco….

After the events where our timelost heroes helped the All Star Squadron battle Per Degaton’s army of villains to save President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Patrick Wayne, with the help of a returned Wally West and Rip Hunter, they were transported back to the Waverider. Wally told the heroes that after Per Degaton had damaged one of the engines of the Waverider they had to drop out into a Victorian steampunk Earth to undergo repairs, and evidently met a Victorian Justice League. Rip however was eager to inform the heroes that Zoom had initially tampered with the timeline in December of 1941 and that had sent ripples out changing the timeline drastically. After GIDEON did research , Rip revealed that Zoom had aided Per Degaton to go back into time after restoring his memories to attempt to cause the Japanese to attack San Francisco shortly after Pearl Harbor. To keep the Justice Society of America from interfering he had pulled various villains together and eventually the JSA was captured by Wotan. In the original timeline, the JSA had been rescued by the All Star Squadron who had also released The Spectre who dealt with Wotan and Per Degaton…however, due to Zoom’s interference no one saves the JSA and they are all killed during the encounter leading to Japan’s successful attack upon San Francisco that changes WWII forever.

Rip intends for our heroes to become the heroes who rescue the JSA while he searches for the Chronosphere to destroy it and find Zoom. Traveling further back, The Waverider journeys to San Francisco on December 12, 1941 where they discover the JSA facing off against Per Degaton and his army of super villains in Chinatown. The JSA believe the new heroes are members of the newly formed All Star Squadron and are eager for their help against the villains…..Green Lantern and Zatanna face down Wotan; Wildcat , Hawkman and Firestorm take on Solomon Grundy, Wally joins Jay Garrick as the two Flashes square off against The Icicle; Troia joins the Golden Age Wonder Woman ( Queen Hippolyte) against Queen Clea of Atlantis; Livewire helps Black Canary against The Tigress, Ultra-Humanite however decides not to join the combat as he has detected a powerful energy source nearby that he’d rather investigate.

While the heroes battled the villains, Rip Hunter discovered that the Chronosphere is actually nearby invisible as it appears to be in phase. He has GIDEON send out a jamming signal which causs the Chronosphere to appear within a Chinese pagoda the heroes are batlling near. Also, it appears Zoom was keeping the Chronosphere in phase as he too appears when the device returns out of phase. Troia calls out for everyone to destroy the Chronosphere as planned, hurling her opponent, Queen Clea into it as Black Canary tosses Tigress after her…both vanish. Seeing the device, The Ultra-Humanite rushes to claim it as Wonder Woman causes the pagoda to collapse. As he seizes hold of the device it begins to explode in slow motion while Zoom eagerly attacks Wally West and Jay Garrick. When questioned what he’s done with Wally’s wife and children he sadistically reveals that he’s wiped Linda Parks mind of her and Wally’s marriage and retconned the children out of the timeline…returning Linda Parks to the present time with no memory of Wally which causes Wally West to attack in a mad vengeance!

As the heroes manage to destroy the Chronosphere, The Ultra-Humanite is caught in the explosion and vanishes with the device. At the heart of the explosion, Barry Allen…The Flash…escapes from the Speed Zone to join the other two Flashes to battle Zoom. Green Lantern manages to shatter Wotan’s shields allowing Zatanna to strike the sorcereor with a telekinetic blast before summoning The Spectre to deal with Wotan. Barry Allen creates a vortex and with the help of Wally and Jay manage to have it capture Zoom and hurl him into the Speed Zone, trapping him there as he had trapped both Barry and Wally….though Zoom remains defiant in the end as he declares he’s made Wally a greater hero by robbing him of his life with Linda and the children.

The Spectre then stops time promising that he will amend the memories of the JSA so that they believe the All Star Squadron came to their aid. He thanks Zatanna for summoning him and he finally deals with Per Degaton by wiping his memory again and restoring him back to his proper tiime. He then tells the heroes that they have corrected the timeline and are now free to return to their own time. Rip teleports is mission team and Barry Allen back to the Waverider to return them home to the present…after picking up Mary Marvel in 1942.

In 1947, Per Degaton awakes at his work station, where he tells his employer, Professor Zee that he had a dream where he was a master of time and had defeated the Justice Society. Professor Zee hardly impressed told Per Degaton to stop sleeping on the job and thrusting a broom into his hand, tells him to clean up the lab!

Elsewhere, there is a blinding flash of light and the Ultra-Humanite emerges to find himself standing in an alleyway. As he steps from the alley he discovers he’s standing in a major city that is unknown to him. Glancing down at his feet, he sees a newspaper and stops to pick it up….it’s the Daily Planet….The Ultra-Humanite finds himself in Metropolis in 2016!

(( To be continued….))
Our heroes: Rip Hunter, Wally West ( Flash), Troia, Livewire, Firestorm, Zatanna, Barry Allen ( The Flash), Mary Marvel

The Justice Society of America: Green Lantern ( Alan Scott), The Flash ( Jay Garrick), Hawkman ( Carter Hall), Wildcat ( Ted Grant), Black Canary ( Dinah Drake), Hourman ( Tim Tyler), The Sandman ( Wesley Dodds), The Spectre ( Detective Jim Corrigan)

The Villains: Per Degaton, Solomon Grundy, The Icicle, Wotan, The Tigress, Queen Clea, The
Ultra-Humanite, Zoom

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