Flashback to the Past – Part 2

It has been three days since our timelost heroes were stranded in 1942 Gotham City where Dinah Drake, aka the Golden Age Black Canary put them up in rooms above her flower shop. During this time they have vainly attempted to reestablish contact with Rip Hunter and the Waverider but with no success. They have also made friends with Gotham police detective Thomas Carmichael and Tony Lynch.

Finally, they attend a war rally dowtown where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is to appear to award Dr. Patrick Wayne ( and Bruce Wayne’s grandfather) an award for his wartime efforts. They join a large crowd of well wishers, newspaper reporters, and news film reel photographers in front of Wayne Enterprises where The All Star Squadron is to be Honor Gaurd to protect the Presidet during his visit to Gotham City.

No sooner does President Roosevelt appear with Dr. Wayne and begin his speech then the event is interrupted by several super-villains presumably lead by Captain Nazi declaring their desire to kill The President and The All Star Squadron! As the villains go into battle with the All Star Squadron, our time lost heroes attempt to help without blowing their cover. Troia and Hawkman managed to take down Captain Nazi, Zatanna and Hourman take down The Ultra-Humanite; Mary Marvel and Wildcat manage to take out Solomon Grundy with a final attack by Livewire and Firestorm; Brain Wave is defeated by Livewire and getting shot in the arm by Detective Carmichael, but not before he injured the young police detective with a telapathic bolt; Livewire manages to shock The Golden Age Thorn back into her harmless Rose persona; and Harlequin turns on the other villains to help the heroes.

During the battle however, Zoom, posing as The Rival attacks The Flash ( Jay Garrick) until Harlequin hurls explosive marbles that cause both of them to fall. Per Degaton appears to disrupt Green Lantern’s protective shield by using a wooden crossbolt that then nearly hits Dr. Patrick Wayne until Zatanna erects a second shield to deflect it. He then fires a time ray blast towards them but it is deflected by Troia’s Amazon bracelets which strike Per Degaton and send him back thru time. Suddenly, a red blur speeds in to save The President and Dr. Wayne…..Wally West! Seeing his plans gone awry and shocked at seeing Wally, Zoom speeds off.

Wally tells Troia and Mary Marvel that Rip Hunter was forced to flee into the timestream to escape an attack by Per Degaton but that their engines were damaged and they had to set down in the past to repair them, though Wally wouldn’t tell them when. He also told them that they had to get the team back to the Waverider as their mission to repair the timeline was not finished yet…..

To be continued…..

Our heroes: Troia, Mary Marvel, Zatanna, Firestorm, Livewire, Wally West ( Flash)

The All-Star Squadron: Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman, Wildcat, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman

All-Villain Squad: Captain Nazi, The Ultra-Humanite, Brain Wave, Solomon Grundy, The Thorn, The Harlequin

Others present: Gotham Police Detective Thomas Carmichael, Tony Lynch, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Patrick Wayne, various police and officials, polio victims

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