Flashback to the Past – Part 1

Rip Hunter sent a text message to his selected team members to meet at Metropolis Park where he had them teleported to the Waverider. Batman however had refused to allow Batgirl to join the mission once he got wind of it so GIDEON, Hunter’s A.I. had selected the former villain turned hero, Livewire to join the team. Once aboard the Waverider, they were greeted by a holo image of Wally West who was being kept in a temporal bubble to help his condition stablize and to hopefully hide him from Zoom until ready to join the others on the mission.

On their way back to 1942 however, The Waverider was struck by an anachronism wave and they were forced to drop out of the timestream to find themselves over Gotham City on the night of June 20, 1942. Accessing records, GIDEON discovered this was the night that Zatara the Magician, and Zatanna’s father, was to die during a robbery attempt on the club where he was performing for a U.S. War Bond Rally….which of course was destined NOT to occur in the actual timeline but was due to Zoom’s tamperings.

Rip remained in the Waverider to monitor the situation and keep in contact with the mission members as he teleported them down to Gotham City, circa 1942. The team found themselves on a street in Gotham where Dinah Lance had her flower shop and Ted Grant had his gym. However, they soon attracted the attention of two civilians..one guy visiting Gotham from Chicago named Lynch and a young Gotham police detective, Thomas Carmichael who offered to show them where Zatara was performing. It appeared he was performing the Bond Rally benefit at the Iceberg Lounge…however Rip quickly informed them this was not possible as in 1942 that building which now houses The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge was the popular Cobalt Club…a popular night club for the wealthy of Gotham like Wesley Dodds, Lamont Cranston and Patrick Wayne ( Bruce Wayne’s grandfather).

Upon arriving at the club they discovered it was cordoned off by the police. It seems as if a group of villains had attacked the club to try to make off with the money raised for the Rally and rob the wealthy patrons. The team then found out that The Justice Society were present to stop what turned out to be The Injustice Society…however, this too was an anachronism as Rip Hunter informed them the Injustice Society didn’t form until 1947! Also, the police referred to the Justice Society as the All Star Squadron..a name they did use during World War II. Also Zatara was helping his fellow Squadron members against the villains.

The team managed to finally get inside just in time for Zatanna to help save her father from knives hurled at him by The Wizard’s spells. Trying not to make themselves apparent the team helped the Justice Society to take down the Injustice Society..who it also appeared was now known as The All – Villain Squad! Finally, Mary Marvel had to rescue Zatara and Zatanna from a balcony that collapsed down upon them. Once the villains were defeated with our team’s help, time appeared to stop around them…with only our time travelers unfrozen as a man aboard a flying disc suddenly appeared.

The man claimed to be Per Degaton…and called himself The Master of Time! He realized that the team were heroes from the future whom Zoom had warned him about and that they would not keep him from completing his plan…to erase all heroes from the timeline. He also knew that something or someone had brought our team from the future and departed to take care of that.

When both Troia and Livewire attempted to raise Rip Hunter on the comm to warn him all they got was static. It became apparent that they were now trapped back in the past!

Upon asking Jay Garrick about Linda West and the children he appeared not to know who they were. As he headed back to Keystone City, Green Lantern reminded him to return to Gotham City in a couple of days as they were to appear as an Honor Gaurd for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was coming to Gotham to award Patrick Wayne of Wayne Industries for his help in aidint the war effort. Before the All Star Squadron left, Black Canary told them that she “had a friend” who could possibly put them up in the backroom of her florist shop to which they agreed. Their two new friends also asked the ladies out for drinks afterwards.


The Team: Rip Hunter, Wally West, Troia, Zatanna, Mary Marvel, Livewire and Firestorm

The All Star Squadron: The Flash, The Green Lantern, Black Canary, Wildcat, Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, Zatara

The All-Villain Squad: The Wizard, Icicle, The Fiddler, The Tigress, Sportsmaster, The Gambler

Other Vilains: Per Degaton

Civilians: Josh Lynch, Gotham Police Detective Thomas Carmichael, Officer Mahoney

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