A Team Assembled

Rip Hunter, Time Master has responded to a disturbance in the timeline. He has removed Wally West…Flash…from the timestream for his safety as his time trapped in the Speed Force has caused him to suffer de-aging. By removing him from the immediate timestream Wally’s condition has stabilized but to completely cure him and recover his wife and children whom he deposited back in 1942 with Jay Garrick, the original Flash for safekeeping they must stop Zoom.

Zoom has captured the Chronosphere from The Time Commander ( whom he then banished into the timestream) and after stealing every time travel device present day Earth currently possesses, he has gone back into the past to complete his plan on eradicating all super-speedsters who use the Speed Force. Already he has trapped Barry Allen in the Speed Force to the point that most people don’t even remember his existance, thinking of Wally West as the only Flash. However, Zoom in traveling back to 1942 has done something to not only erase Jay Garrick from the timeline but also the Justice Society of America…the only people remembering they existed being Power Girl, Doctor Fate, Black Adam, and Roger Hayden…aka, The Psycho-Pirate.

To correct the damage done to the timeline, Rip Hunter plans on taking Wally West and a chosen team of heroes back to stop Zoom from succeeding in his plan and also save present day from time ripples that will eventually effect it drastically…with the very existance of the Justice League of America in the balance. By defeating Zoom and destroying the Chronosphere, Rip hopes to release Barry Allen from the Speed Force and correct the damage done to the timeline.

Rip Hunter has now chosen his team….Troia, Batgirl, Mary Marvel, Firestorm and Zatanna. He has already told Zatanna that she has a personal reason to help as it appears her father Zatara the Magician dies with the Justice Society in the past thus causing her to never having been born and she will eventually cease to exist! However, Rip warned them that it’s very likely that Zoom has allied himself with an enemy of The Justice Society in the past, and that they must remain incognito or their very presence could also have ramifications on the present…in other words it will prove to be a nearly impossible mission….but one they must succeed in accomplishing to save the present!

To be continued…..

Heroes involved: Rip Hunter, Wally West ( Flash), Troia, Batgirl, Mary Marvel, Firestorm and Zatanna

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