Kahndaq Responds to UN

Black Adam the demi god ruler of Kahndaq made his first public appearance at a press conference today in Shiruta the capital city.  Arabian News and other media outlets were on hand to hear the ruler’s remark. He warned the UN  and the rest of the world that if anyone entered Kahndaq air space that it would be considered as an act of war. In response to the economic sanctions Black Adam has recalled all of his ambassadors back to Kahndaq.  And has stated that the power of the gods will provide for the people of Kahndaq as it always has. That his return back to the world is a testament to their power.  He also reminded the UN to not underestimate his power that he single handily destroyed the country of Bialaya, defeated an army of heroes on his own, and has publicly executed criminals in front of the camera to show his Justice. The angry ruler also went on to say that the criminal responsible for his wife’s current condition would be facing  Justice. Surprisingly the ruler welcomed  Mary Marvel to be the ambassador of the western world to Kahndaq if it was necessary. That he would have an audience with her and her only. Stay tuned as this stand off  continues.

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