Earth Crisis – Part 8

The 30 days that Isis had given the heroes to find and stop whatever was poisoning the Earth were finally up. She was due to return to see whether the corruption of the Earth centering in Metropolis had ended. If not, she had vowed to destroy the city to end the threat to the Earth. Black Canary put out a call over the League and and Titans channels, as well as a general call to any heroes available, to congregate at Metropolis Centennial Park, where Isis had appeared previously. She expressed the hope that, should Isis find that the situation had not approved, perhaps the heroes could talk to her and reason withi her. Canary added that they should fight her only as a last resort, so that they could keep damage to Metropolis to the minimum.

Though Troia had managed to extract a promise from Luthor to shut down his telluric experiments after the heroes had rescued him from the Mole Men, it appeared from an announcement that he’d made at a press conference that the business mogul wasn’t keeping that promise. In fact, he’d declared that he’d erected a telluric sheild under Metropolis to stave off any further attacks from below. If it was indeed Luthor’s telluric attempts that were causing the pollution of the Earth, Canary feared that Isis would return to try to destroy Metropolis. She decided to remain at the Watchtower to monitor the situation and teleport in any other heroes that might become available to help protect Metropolis.

As the heroes waited for the designated time to arrive, those with super-hearing began to detect an odd buzzing sound in the area. But they didn’t have time to really think about it, as suddenly the air above the park begain to roil ominously. And then . . . Isis appeared! She declared in a booming voice that she had returned to judge Metropolis. Several of the heroes flew up to try to talk to her, but before they could, Isis declared that the heroes had failed to save the Earth and that the poisoning of the land had become worse even than when she had given them the 30 days grace. She declared that she must now keep her vow to destroy Metropolis in order to save the Earth!

Seeing Troia and Mary Marvel among those who’d flown up to meet her, Isis reproached them for not fulfilling their promise to her when they’d visited Kahndaq to end the raping of the Earth. They tried to explain to her what they’d done, but she only shook her head, declaring with sadness that she had given them all the time she could. If the corruption of the Earth did not end now, it would be irreversible. It was her duty to stop it now, once and for all, by destroying Metropolis. The heroes were joined by Superman who told Isis firmly that he could not allow her to destroy the city and asked her for clarification as to the cause of the pollution. Troia joined the Man of Steel in declaring that she and the other heroes would defend Metropolis.

Meanwhile at the Rock of Eternity, the wizard Shazam was surrounded by the gods of Egypt, demanding that he release their champion to help Isis. The wizard wasn’t happy about their decision, but agreed to do so. A bolt of magical golden lightning struck a statue . . . and Black Adam was freed!

Mary Marvel tried one last time to reason with Isis, asking her to remember the pain she felt in losing her husband and not to inflict such loss on the people of Metropolis. She begged the goddess to try to work with them to find a solution. Unfortunately, her tactic backfired, as Isis’s eyes hardened on mention of her lost husband. She declared that the Earth itself was forfeit if she did not act. She asked the heroes if they would willingly condemn an entire planet for the sake of one city. As she spoke, a sonic boom announced the arrival of . . . Captain Marvel! Marvel confronted Isis, declaring her not in her right mind due to the grief she’d suffered from her loss. He beseeched her to allow them to find a way to restore her sanity. Mary joined her brother in his plea to the goddess.

Isis countered that Marvel, of all people should understand the stakes at risk. Superman, seeing the abundance of magical people gathered on both sides began to fear he might become more a liability than a help in whatever conflict might ensue, so he decided to instead begin trying to evacuate as many people as possible from the immediate area. This was complicated by the fact that many had defied the mayor’s lockdown order and had come out on the street to watch what was happening. These numbers included Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, working to cover the situation for the Daily Planet. Troia continued to try to talk sense into Isis, joined by Starfire and Zatanna, as did Mary. But the goddess would not hear of it. She told the others that if they wished to help her, they must join with her to end the poisoning of the other. If they would not do so, but chose to oppose her, whatever happened to them was on their own heads.

Captain Marvel had suddenly sensed a change in the magical nexus and was about to try to use that to ask Isis to hold off–when she waved her hand and a series of volcanic eruptions tore through the park and the streets of Metropolis, spewing forth streams of deadly, burning lava. “The destruction of Metropolis has begun!” declared Isis, and with that she sent out a telekinetc blast to hit all the heroes, knocking them backward with far more power than they might have expected. Just then, Batgirl arrived atop a nearby building, teleported in by Black Canary, to look on in horror at the carnage that had begun. Firestorm had lifted up True American and El Bagual when the heroes had confronted Isis, but they were torn from his grasp in the telekinetic blast and were now falling toward the lava flowing streets below.

Seeing the volcanos erupt and the civilians in danger, Superman immediately streaked toward the Daily Planet to rescue Jimmy and Lois from the lava pouring out of a huge volcanic cone that had torn open the street in front of the building. He then begin to do the same with the other civilians caught out in the open by Isis’ fury. Troia, recovering from the TK blast, meanwhile rushed to catch True American as he fell, while Starfire did the same for the tumbling El Bagual. Captain Marvel and Mary also managed to quickly recover and turned back toward Isis, each attempting to call down the magical lightning to strike her. Marvel hoped to keep her distracted until someone else arrived, hoping that wouldn’t make the situation worse.

Isis was hit by the double bolts of magical electricity, and the sky went white in a glowing burst of mystical lightning . . . which slowly coalesced to show Isis, apparently unharmed. She chided them, asking if that was the best they had to offer . . . She boasted that as long as she held the powers of Isis and the other gods of Egypt, she was protected from their lightning. But she felt it only appropriate to return it to them–with interest! She gestured and the sky burst open with massive lightning bolts striking the two Marvels, knocking them backward. For a moment, as she was blown backward, Mary began to shimmer and her costume became darker as the corruption that had affected Isis was momentarily transferred to her in the lightning bolts. It took Mary but a moment to shake off the corruption, but now she understood why Isis was acting as she did. Not that it helped stop the goddess . . .

Meanwhile, Firestorm managed to recover and attempted to transmute the flowing lava steams into baking soda, while Zatanna cast a spell hoping to cause the Earth to open up and take back the lava and volcanoes before turning to Isis to challenge the goddess directly. Meanwhile, Batgirl used her grappling line to swing down from the building and begin helping Superman to rescue the citizens. Firestorm did manage to transmute some of the lava streams, but they were quickly replaced by others as the ground shook and pieces of the surrounding buildings began to rain down. Meanwhile that strange buzzing sound from earlier grew louder in the hears of those with super or especially keen hearing, despite the noise from the volcanoes and the quakes they were causing.

Isis had by now started using her elemental magic to summon stiff cold winds, rain and hail, and tremendous bolts of lightning to rage in the skies, further plaguing the city. As Zatanna attempted to contain the volcanos and challenge the goddess herself, Isis merely waved her hand, and as the volcanos had begun to recede under the magician’s spell, they suddenly reversed and grew larger and more potent before. Isis merely sneered that Zatanna, a “stage magician” dared to oppose her, a goddess. And when suddenly Supergirl arrived over Metropolis, also challenging her, Isis caused the winds to pick up, buffeting all the heroes, and called own more mega-bolts of lightning directed against Zatanna, Firestorm, and Supergirl.

Superman, seeing the volcanos spewing out more lava, began to try to dig channels in the streets to siphon it away from the civilians and where it would do the least damage. Hit by lightning, Captain Marvel was surprised to find himself transformed back to Billy Batson, plummeting toward one of the volcanoes below. He managed to call out the magic word–Shazam!–to change back and return to the fray, trying to strike Isis with enough power to distract her and allow Troia to rope the goddess with her Lasso of Persuasion. He instructed Zatanna to try to break down Isis’s magickal defenses to give the others the chance to affect her. Mary, meanwhile, decided to join in with her brother’s attack, hoping that if they both hit, it would at least give Troia a better chance of roping Isis.

But Isis, on full alert by now, saw the attacks coming and used a mighty wind to blow back Troia’s lasso while swiftly streaking higher in the sky to avoid the Marvels’ attack. She again called the lightning down to attack the Mighty Siblings while sending out another telekinetic blast to hurl the other heroes away from her as she declared that they would not stop her in her goal to protect the Earth! Firestorm, attempting to transmute any lava that Superman had missed, was hit by some of Isis’s lightning, knocking him out and causing him to plummet toward the Earth. Zatanna managed to dodge the lightning directed at her and attempted to use her own magic to steal away Isis’ magickal barriers, as Marvel had asked, hoping it would leave the goddess defenseless long enough for the others to act.

Starfire, holding onto El Bagual, powered up her own shield and then sent a barrage of starbolts at Isis, hoping to take advantage of the situation if Zatanna’s spell worked. True American attempted to send a series of confusing telepathic jolts into Isis’s mind. Batgirl continued to try to pull civilians out of harm’s way. Supergirl, hit by Isis’s lightining, dropped before recovering and flying back at the goddess, spinning at full speed to create a funnel of solid air to act as a battering ram. The situation was worsening as the elements seemed to conspire to help the goddess destroy Metropolis. Zatanna thought he spell had succeeded as she felt something materializing around her–only to be gripped by a magical anhk that appeared around her neck, strangling her while Isis mocked her for attempting to steal a goddess’s magic, telling her to enjoy what she had reaped.

Isis was cut off when Starfire’s starbolts hit her, pushing her back, but they failed to penetrate the goddess’s magical shields. She was then hit by Supergirl’s winds, which also pushed her backward–till she waved her hand and turned it back on Supergirl, at the same time, pulling the air from the Girl of Steel’s lungs, reminding her that she controled the element of the air as well as all others. Isis then began to wave her arms, and the air shimmered and shook around her as she began her final attack to fully level Metropolis to the ground! But she suddenly stopped short as . . . someone else appeared in the air near her. Isis’s eyes grew wide and her mind became confused as her lost husband . . . Black Adam . . . materialized in the air between her and the heroes.

Adam smiled at his wife and tried to take her hand in his to tell her their people needed them back in Kahndaq. The heroes stopped and watched to see what would happen, though Batgirl managed to catch the falling Firestorm before he could hit the ground, while Zatanna tried in vain to free herself from the constricting magickal anhk and Superman continued to try to channel the lava away from the buildings, slowing it down with his freezing super-breath. Captain Marvel called out to Adam to help the heroes reason with her and stop her insanity. Isis appeared shocked . . . declaring that she’d thought her husband lost. She seemed for a moment to be letting her guard down, as the storm winds seemed to lessen and the rumblings in the Earth quite slightly.

But just then, a nearby billboard flashed alive with the image of . . . Lex Luthor! And the man’s voice boomed out across the area declaring that the heroes had failed to save his city. He told them to behold the true power of telluric current as he saved Metropolis. Then the air atop several buildings shimmered and huge towers appeared on them. From a lens atop each tower, a brilliant and sparking ray shot out, enveloping Isis and barely missing Black Adam. The rays emitting from the tower pulled Isis upward in the air in a ball of crackling energy . . . causing her to scream out in agony as the full power of telluric current–the very Earth’s life-energy–turned against her . . . killing her! Captain Marvel and Mary cried out in horror at the sight, as did Black Adam, trying but failing to pull his wife out of harm’s way. All of them cursed Luthor–and Adam vowed to destroy him for this.

Bolt after bolt of the weaponized telluric current hit Isis, imobilizing her, as the heroes and Adam determined they had to stop the attacks on the now helpless goddess. Troia dropped True American off on the ground instructing him to try to get to Luthor and stop him. Then she headed toward one of the towers to destroy it, while Superman, Captain Marvel, Mary, and Black Adam all did the same with the other towers. Luthor, seeing the heroes turn on his towers, sputtered out that they were idiots for interferring with his attempts to save Metropolis. Captain Marvel, on hearing this, asked Mary to take out the billboard so they’d not have to hear Luthor’s ravings, which she did, cutting the man off in mid-rant. Meanwhile, the ground under Metropolis had begun to echo Isis’s death throes, as Luthor’s telluric rays started to doom the city along with the goddess. Though as Isis weakened, the magical anhk around Zatanna’s throat dissipated, saving her.

Set free, Zatanna managed to call out a powerful spell to stop the raging of the elements of Fire, Earth, and Air, attempting to stop the destruction of the city. True American entered the LexCorp building, shape-shifting into a LexCorp security guard as he telepathically scanned the minds of those running about inside, hoping to locate Luthor. Batgirl managed to desposit Firestorm to safely before seeking cover for herself as well. Supergirl, not being as forgiving as the other heroes, grabbed a tram rail and attempted to wrap it around Isis, even as Luthor’s telluric death rays pounded the goddess–but she was stopped by Black Adam, who ripped the rail from the Girl of Steel, tossing it at one of the offending towers as he tried to shield Isis from the deadly energy striking at her.

As Luthor’s voice rang out from the billboard one last time before it totally collapsed–crying that the heroes had stolen his victory from him–Superman, Captain Marvel, Troia, and Mary Marvel simultaneously hit the telluric ray towers with all they had, as did the rail thown at the one by Adam. The rays cut off and the towers began sparking violently–before crumbling down in massive explosions! Telluric current backlashed downward into Luthor’s telluric research lab and a huge explosion could be felt coming from below. Suddenly all was silent as Zatanna’s magic took control over the volcanos, wind, and lightning storms, causing them all to cease. Isis began to fall toward the ground, limp, but Black Adam managed to catch her, carrying her gently down to the park and cradlling her in his arms.

Isis moaned to her husband, barely conscious, that she could feel now that the Earth had been cleansed of that which had been poisoning it. It was safe now. She begged Adam to take her home. Captain Marvel and Mary told Adam to go and take her back to Kahndag and get her help, though the other heroes were less willing to let Isis leave unpunished–especially Supergirl, who objected greatly. Superman expressed sympathy but told Adam that Isis had to face justice, as the injured woman passed out in Adam’s arms. Adam, however, defied them, stating that he was taking Isis home and that if any of the heroes entered Kahndaq to come after them, it would be an act of war. With that, he took to the air using all his speed and headed back home with with his wife in his arms. Superman tried to head Adam off, but even he couldn’t catch one empowered by the gods.

Meanwhile, True American was unable to catch any mental traces of Luthor, other than a brief snatch from the mind of a guard indicating that the mogul had been trapped underground in an explosion of some kind. Superman scowled as Adam escaped with Isis, as he felt there were too many things left unanswered. He landed by Troia and asked if she hadn’t received a promise from Luthor to shut down his telluric experiments, which she affirmed. American sent several of the heroes a telepathic flash, showing them what he’d picked up. Superman determined that he’d have to have some words with Luthor over this fiasco–after he found the man!

But for the moment, it appeared that the ongoing Earth Crisis was finally over! Or . . . was it . . .?

The End?

Heroes Present: Superman, Troia, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Firestorm, Zatanna, Starfire, Batgirl, El Bagual, True American, Supergirl.

Villians Present: Isis, Black Adam, Lex Luthor.

Others Present: Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, citizens of Metropolis.

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