Earth Crisis – Part 5

After first meeting at the Justice League Watchtower and discussing the ongoing situation around the current Earth Crisis, three heroes infiltrated LexCorp’s top secret–and real–telluric current facility. (Not the phony one Luthor set up for the press tour.) Using the coordinates given them by Dr. Slater of S.T.A.R. Labs for their previous secret incursion of LexCorp, the heroes were teleported into the lab despite Luthor’s teleport scrambling technology, instituted after the first break in. Fortunately, Oracle was able to jam Luthor’s signal long enough to get the heroes inside the facility safely . . . though it was a very rough teleport.

Meanwhile, nearby, Jack Wilde, of Gotham University, had been trying out his newfound and as yet unharnessed electrical powers. Somehow, amid the scrambler and Oracle’s jamming of it, the teleport beam reached out and grabbed Jack, depositing him inside the LexCorp facility along with Black Canary, Troia, and Wonder Girl. Guessing what must have happened, Canary gave Jack a comm unit so he could communicate with them through subvocalization and keep the group from being discovered by the LexCorp personnel in the telluric lab.

The heroes quickly ascertained that some kind of test of the telluric current generator was underway–a test that turned into an unbridled attack against the subterranean denizens who had been attacking LexCorp over the damage being done by Luthor’s telluric testing. The heroes could see the alien looking Telluric Current Generator–the real one as opposed to the cobbled together fake Luthor had shown to the press on the tour of the so-called facility–and how it was glowing with an unearthly color . . . while some kind of electrical or particle weapon next to it pointed to a miniature globe of the Earth which was surrounded by some kind of force field or similar lines of force.

In gloating to his chief scientist, Dr. Wassermann, Luthor gave away to the heros that part of his technology was based on the missing papers of Nikola Tesla, which Luthor had somehow obtained. The rest of it seemed . . . otherworldly. Though Luthor gave no specifics. As the heroes and Jack watched, horrified, Luthor ordered the scientist to fire up the device and launch an attack on the subsurface world–despite Wassermann’s warnings of possible consequences that could be devastating to Metropolis. Luthor refused to heed the advice and the first attack was launched–a gleaming beam of cascading electrical particle energy shot from the raygun-like device into the globe, energized by the unnaturally colored energy flowing from the seemingly alien device.

Somehow–thanks in part to the remnants of the control devices that Luthor’s team had salvaged from the lava monsters who’d attacked during the press tour–the beam was directed down into the Earth. As the techs read their instruments, they declared that a large subterranean cavern had been collapsed and others were crumbling thanks to the telluric attack. Wassermann seemed sickened by the result, as were the heroes, but Luthor was jubilant, declaring that this was the punishment meted out on any who dared to attack him or his city. But suddenly an earth tremor nearly threw everyone off their feet–a result of the attack. Luthor seemed to shrug it off as acceptable collateral damage–and ordered a second attack.

At this, Wassermann refused to carry out the order, declaring they had to study the effect to make sure it wouldn’t bring the entire city down around them–till Luthor threatened to have one of this security guards shoot the man. Defeated, the scientist complied and had his techs initiate the firing process again. The heroes bristled at this, and though their mission required stealth and to keep hidden in order to gather intel to use against Luthor, they were ready to rise and stop this madness. Jack, meanwhile, had begun to spark again from the tension of what was happening. Black Canary suddenly had an idea, bolstered by Troia, to see whether Jack might be able to channel his electricty to do something to put a stop to Luthor’s insanity. She asked Wonder Girl, as the daughter of Zeus, to see if she could help Jack direct his power against the devices to shut them down.

As the countdown neared completion for the weapon to fire again, Jack struggled to direct his new power against it, as Wonder Girl lent a hand to him. Suddenly, he burst out in a field of sparkling, coruscating electrial energy, which immediately caused a feedback shock to ripple throughout the computers and electrical devices in the facility. So powerful was it that even Luthor and his men lept for cover, while the techs and scientists tried to avoid its effects. As Jack poured on the power, the raygun like weapon began to spark dangerously and then, finally, it exploded, while everything else–including the alien looking telluric current generator–began to power down, ending the threat. For now. One of the computer consoles nearly tipped over on Black Canary, but Troia managed to catch it and restore it to place safely. Canary then signaled Oracle to pull them out of there before they could be discovered.

Black Canary, Wonder Girl, and Jack materialized at the Watchtower. Since Oracle had only expected three to return, it took her a few extra minutes to pull Troia out, but finally she, too, was safely back at the Watchtower. The three heroes plus Jack compared notes on what all they’d seen and quickly concluded that they had to so something about Luthor–and fast. Before he attacked those below again or before they attacked Metropolis in retaliation. And the deadline set by Isis was coming up quickly as well. Troia and Wonder Girl pointed out that there was nothing to stop Luthor from turning his telluric energy on others as well–including the Watchtower or Titans Tower–should he be of a mind to if he got it up and running again.

The heroes decided that they’d keep an eye out for any sign that Luthor’s device was back up and operating. Meanwhile, Black Canary was to contact Cave Carson and have the man take them below the Earth in his Mole Machine to see if they could get those below to cease their attacks in the hope that it would spur Luthor to stand down, giving them time to deal with him and his device. They all thanked Jack for his help–and offered to assist him in developing his powers and perhaps growing into the role of hero himself. To that end, Jack came up with a code name–Polygon. With that, Black Canary closed the meeting, sending their assessments to Oracle to pass on to Batman, and the heroes departed.

To be continued . . .

Heroes Present: Troia, Wonder Girl, Black Canary, Jack Wilde (Polygon).

Villain’s present: Lex Luthor, LexCorp security guards.

Civilianis present: Dr. Helmut Wassermann, LexCorp lab techs.

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