Earth Crisis – Part 3

Black Canary called a group of heroes together at the Justice League Watchtower again to get a report on the meeting between Troia, Mary Marvel, and Batgirl with the earth goddess Isis and to discuss how to move forward in the ongoing Earth crisis. The crisis was, of course, brought on by Isis’ promise to destroy Metropolis if the heroes didn’t cleanse it of a corruption that was contaminating the planet. The three heroines met with Isis in a bunker deep underground in Kahndaq, where she now rules in place of her husband Black Adam. A null magic area, the meeting place kept the two magically based heroes powerless during the negotiation. Though the three worked mightily to try to persuade Isis to relent, she turned a deaf ear to their pleas and reaffirmed that she would destroy Metopolis after the 30 days if they had not cleaned the city of whatever was corrupting the Earth.

During the meeting, Isis had told them that she could not give them any more time, as once past the 30 day mark, the corruption would be too ingrained to save the Earth. She stated that she was, in fact, being merciful in giving them that time to either handle the problem themselves or evacuate Metropolis of its population before she destroyed the city. She had been tempted merely to wipe Metropolis off the face of the planet initially, but remembering back when she herself had been human, she had relented . . . but would not be so merciful again should they fail, as the fate of the Earth was depending on it. The three heroines reported this to those at the meeting. Canary then revealed what Oracle had passed on to her that Batman had discovered from his analysis of signals he’d picked up during the Magma Giant attack on LexCorp.

Batman had recorded subsonic signals originating from beneath Metropolis Park being directed to the fourth Magma Giant, which then sent them on to the other three. He was able lto analyze the signals and determine a frequency that could counter them . . . one that he could fabricate in time, but that he believed Black Canary could also reproduce with her Canary Cry. Batman had also determined that a rumor that a S.T.A.R. Labs alien tech expert had consulted witih LexCorp on a device found in the slag from one of the Magma Giants was indeed true and not a rumor at all, despite S.T.A.R. Labs’ denial. Before Black Canary could pass this information on to the gathered heroes, the Watchtower alarm went off stating that an intruder had entered the Watchtower. The intruder was identified as . . . Swamp Thing.

The heroes rushed to the Watchtower Arboretum where they did indeed find the plant elemental had formed himself out of the tree leaves and vines there. Swamp Thing reaffirmed Isis’ declaration that the planet was dying and added that the Green itself was also dying, in part because of a war between those below and he who is above who is poisoning the Earth. He was unable to identify those below because they dwelt below the realm of the Green and in one claimed by The Gray . . . an embodiment of death and decay. Swamp Thing beseeched the heroes to fight for the Green and stop the corruption of the Earth. If they did not, he vowed to join with Isis in a cleansing that would save the planet. Though he did not specifically identify Luthor as the one above, the heroes’ certainty that LexCorp was involved was increased by Swamp Thing’s words.

Swamp Thing also told them that if they failed and he had to join Isis, he would show them no more mercy than she should they try to oppose the two. To prove it, he nearly suffocated Black Canary by growing vines in her nose and throat. And then he was gone, melting back into the Green. Recovering quickly, Canary told them what Batman had learned about the S.T.A.R. lab technician, and with Oracle shutting down the security systems in the Central City facility, the heroes were teleported there to confront the alien tech specialist who’d worked with LexCorp on the device from the Magma Giants. When they arrived, the scientist, one Dr. Digby Slater, tried to flee, but the heroes cornered him and confronted him with the knowledge that they knew he’d been involved with LexCorp, despite S.T.A.R.’s official denial.

Slater at first denied his involvement but finally admitted it–but refused to talk because he’d signed a confidentiality agreement and wouldn’t go back on his word. Though when he heard what was happening, he regretted this decision. Still, he had given his word and wouldn’t talk. So when Troia used her lasso of persuasion to make him talk, it was a blessing to the conflicted scientist. He told them how LexCorp had retrieved one of the control units from the Magma Giants, and how he’d been called in to make it work again. But then when he had, Luthor had used its signal as a guide for an attack on its point of origin with his telluric current generator. That had resulted in the earthquake felt in Metropolis when the cavern where the signal came from was collapsed. Slater was then dismissed and returned home, while Luthor–over the man’s objections–used his work to wage war on those Luthor felt had launched unprovoked attacks on him.

Fortunately, despite LexCorp’s attempt to keep him in the dark over the location of its secret telluric facility, Slater managed to discern the coordinates of the base and could give them to the heroes. Following this revelation, Troia used her lasso to command him to forget that they were there so that LexCorp couldn’t learn that it was he who’d given them the location. Then Black Canary fed the coordinates to Oracle and they heroes were teleported to the LexCorp underground facility. There, they overheard Luthor commanding one of his scientists to use the telluric current generator to attack the origin points of the subsonic signal, which the device from the Magma Giant was still sending out. Despite the man’s objections, Luthor insisted, and the attack was about to commence. The heroes, though there in hiding, were about to reveal themselves in an effort to stop the attack–when the LexCorp facility itself was attacked. A mighty rumbling and boring sound from the adjacent room of the facility was followed by gunfire.

Luthor and his security guards rushed into the next room, followed closely by the heroes. There they found that a huge boring machine had come up through the floor and from it had emerged three of the mole monsters they’d fought in Metropolis park, along with two other, slightly more humanoid creatures who seemed to be in control of the monsters. LexCorp security was firing on the creatures to no effect, and the monsters were advancing on the guards when the heroes hit them. Mary Marvel and Batgirl worked to get Luthor and the guards–those the monsters hadn’t already dispatched–out of harm’s way, while Troia and Black Canary attacked the creatures themselves. Luthor wasn’t happy when Mary Marvel whisked him out of harm’s way–again–and he responded with a string of curses against her. The guards were also whisked away, though one asked Batgirl to hit him so Luthor wouldn’t hold it against him for retreating. Troia managed to rope one of the monsters, while Canary held one back with her Canary Cry, but as before they seemed too strong for the heroes.

As Troia fought with the one creature, Black Canary remembered how the ones in the park had become weaker when she’d accidentally destroyed their control devices, so she attempted to match that frequency–and they all suffered small explosions at the base of their skulls. Troia was then able to wrestle down the creature she’d tackled, and Canary dropped the other with her cry. The third seemed to turn on its controlers, who retreated to the boring machine, and it disappeared under the Earth as the third creature collapsed. It seemed the heroes had prevailed. But just then, the guard who’d been left with guarding the control device in the other room came running in to announce he’d been hit from behind and the device was now gone. Luthor and the heroes rushed back to the first room to find the device gone–and a huge hole in the floor.

It seemed the attack had been a diversion to retrieve the control device so that Luthor couldn’t use it to beam his attacks below the Earth. Those below had followed its signal up to where LexCorp was keeping it. But Luthor’s subterranean foes had now revealed themselves–mole men, as LexCorp scientist Dr. Wassermann called them. As Luthor threatened to have them arrested for trespassing, the heroes teleported out and away, but not before determining that they’d be taking a couple courses of action in the future to try to put an end to the crisis. One–as they’d discussed earlier in the Watchtower–involved some of them returning to LexCorp incognito should Luthor succumb to his usual egomania and decide to hold a press tour of the facility. The other involved contacting Cave Carson to take them on a journey to the center of the Earth to see if they could persuade its inhabitants to cease their war with Luthor.

And so the heroes prepare for their next excursion in the ongoing Earth Crisis . . .

Heroes present: Batgirl, Mary Marvel, Troia, Cyber Arrow, Black Canary, Swamp Thing (?)

Villains present: Lex Luthor, LexCorp Security, Mole Men, Mole Monsters.

Civilians: Dr. Digby Slater, S.T.A.R. Labs; Dr. Helmut Wasserman, LexCorps; LexCorp lab techs.

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