Earth Crisis – Part 2

Black Canary convened a meeting of the Justice League and allied heroes to discuss possible strategies for dealing with the ongoing Earth Crisis threatening Metropolis. The gathered heroes discussed possible means of heading off a confrontation with the earth goddess Isis–suggesing perhaps that certain heroes such as Mary Marvel and Troia might manage to slip into Kahndaq to attempt to talk to her, for example. Speculation on what might be causing Isis to target Metropolis was rampant, with suggestions ranging from black magic to a trick of some kind by Lex Luthor.

Batman also reported on what he’d learned from analyzing the fragments of metal and silicon that Superman had retrieved from the skull of one of the subterranean creatures that had attacked Metropolis Park. as well as what was learned from an autopsy on one of the monsters. The fragments appeared to be parts of a control device that was causing the creatures to attack the park in general and Lex Luthor in particular. They included a metal of unknown origin. Batman believed that they were controled by subsonic signals, though he needed to test this theory to determine if it was correct. The creatures themselves seemed adapted to life deep beneath the surface, with intense pressures and heat. They appeared to be little more than mindless beasts after their control devices had been shattered by Canary’s cry, and they had actually died from suffication in the–to them–rarefied air of the surface.

In searching for information on subterranean habitats or realms, Batman ran across the name of one expert by the name of Calvin “Cave” Carson. Black Canary had also learned of Carson through a referral from Rip Hunter, who’d assisted the League with the recent Time Crisis. She’d contacted Carson for help and he was standing by to be teleported into the Watchtower to consult with them. Superman, it turned out, knew Carson as well and had worked with him in the past. Canary had Carson teleported up and he suggested that, while he’d never encountered creatures such as they’d faced, he might have some ideas where they might search to find their origins. He stood ready to help with a new . . . or old . . . digging machine that had recently come into his possession.

As the heroes were discussing the possibility of Carson transporting them below the surface of the Earth, the League alarms went off. It seemed that Metropolis was again under attack–this time from huge magma giants . . . creatures of living rock and lava that had come from volcanic eruptions centered on Metropolis Centennial Park. Three of them were currently converging on the LexCorp building, while a fourth seemed stationed, immoble, at the park itself. Breaking off from their discussions with Cave Carson, the heroes transported to the surface to try to stop the new threat.

(Meanwhile, several of the assembled heroes noticed that Flash was acting irratic . . . even juvenile . . . though there wasn’t time to dwell on it as they responded to the current attack on Metropolis.)

As the heroes arrived in the streets of Metropolis, they saw the three magma giants lumbering toward LexCorp. Superman immediately tried his icy super breath on one, while Flash directed whirlwind force gales at another. Troia decided to try to regain a power she’d had as goddess of the Moon to control cold. Mary Marvel began to help get the remaining citizens out of the way of the conflict, while Firestorm tried to transmute the monster’s feet to water. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor appeared in his battlesuit flying from the LexCorp buliding and attacked the creatures–with a green ray blast . . . Batman instructed Batgirl to help get civiliians to safety while he attempted to grapple to the top of one of the buildings and use a microphone to obtain a recording of whatever frequency might be in use to control the giants. CyberArrow arrived on the scene and loosed a set of water arrows at the magma monsters, while Black Canary directed a Canary Cry to try to shatter one of the creature’s legs.

The heroes attacks seemed to have minimal effects on the creatures, momentarily causing them to freeze over or lose parts of their rocky bodies, only to have them immediately replaced by lava extensions that formed new body parts. The giants seemed intent on Lex Luthor and all shot streams of lava at him to try to engulf him, though one of the streams also clipped Batman’s line, sending him careening down the building . . . Luthor’s kryptonite laser ray had no effect on the creatures, serving only to weaken Superman, who fell to earth, trying to retain consciousness and help direct the battle. Batgirl managed to save another civilian trapped in the path of the creatures, while Flash used his whirlwinds to catch Batman and propel him back toward the building. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and sent the Caped Crusader through a window so hard, Batman barely made it to the roof before losing consciousness.

Mary managed to pull Luthor out of the way of the lava streams, after which she followed Superman’s directions to land hard and try to disrupt the giants’ progress. Luthor was characteristically ungrateful for the save, and immediately attacked the creatures again with his kryptonite ray . . . again to no effect. Firestorm tried to transmute the street below the creatures to water, while Batgirl got the last civilian to safety and CyberArrow and Black Canary attacked the monsters. Troia managed to loose a wave of cold at one of the magma giants, freezing it solid and allowing Black Canary to shatter it into fragments of rock with her Canary Cry. Firestorm’s transmutational energy turned the road and ground under one of the magma giants into water, and it disappeared into the hole, sending up waves of steam behind it.

With two of the giant creatures down, it seemed as though the tide had turned in the heroes’ favor–till the fourth one moved from the park toward LexCorp. Meanwhile, hit by the other monster’s lava stream, Luthor was engulfed in molten rock and fell from the sky, though the kryptonite rays were shielded by the lava, returning Superman back to strength. The Man of Steel rallied and hit the new magma giant with his icy superbreath. Flash attempted to funnel the water that Firestorm had created against the other giant, while Troia, unable to summon more cold immediately, hit the new magma creature hard to try to shatter its leg. Mary meanwhile called down her magic lighting on the same creature, while CyberArrow shot ice arrows at it and Black Canary added her Canary Cry against it.

Luthor fell to the ground in his lava cocoon, managing to break out of it, where he tried to attack the same creature that everyone else was firing on . . . only to discover (fortunately for Superman) that he’d run out of juice for his kryptonite powered ray and was helpless before the monster . . . Meanwhile, Batgirl had gone to assist Batman, who’d just regained consciousness. With Batgirl’s help, the Dark Knight managed to get a recording of whatever signal was keeping the giants going and directing their attack . . . just before his injuries caused him to lose consciousness again. The combined attack on the last magma giant served to freeze and shatter it into rock fragments falling down on the street where once a giant had stood. Luthor scurried to safety onto the steps of the LexCorp building, as the other remaining giant, about to loose another lava stream at him, suddenly stopped moving. (As did the third giant who was trying to climb out of the watery pit Firestorm had created under him.)

Both of the remaining magma giants seemed to suddenly melt down into lava and then to freeze into inert rock. The signals they’d been receiving–which Batman had determined were coming from the park to the last of the giants and then to the other three–had ceased with the destruction of the newest giant. At the same time, the volcanic fissures that had opened in Metropolis park began to close and disappear into the earth. All was quiet except the hissing of steam from the heated waters and the sounds of fires set by the burning debris of the creatures . . . and a barely felt, barely heard rumbling under the earth that quickly receded.

As the heroes took stock of the aftermath of the situation, Luthor spurned Superman’s attempt to talk to him and returned to the LexCorp building, suggesting the heroes deal with the remaining destruction. CyberArrow approached Superman, explaining his past villainous acts as due to a bad chip and requesting to join the heroes in the future, which the Man of Steel agreed to on a probationary basis. While Batgirl and Firestorm took their leave, Troia and Mary Marvel expressed their concern over what seemed to be happening to Flash–that he had seemingly regressed in age and actions to teenage levels.

Rather than allow them to transport him to the Watchtower medical facility, Flash raced off to “do his homework.” Black Canary asked Mary and Troia to keep an eye on him, while she checked on Batman and then returned to the Watchtower to pick up their conversation with Cave Carson. Superman continued to work to repair the damage caused by the magma giants. And so things stood . . . till the next time the heroes would have to face another threat in the ongoing Earth Crisis . . .

Heroes present: Superman, Flash, Troia, Mary Marvel, Firestorm, Batman, Batgirl, CyberArrow, Black Canary.

Villains present: Magma Giants, Lex Luthor, unknown controllers of the giants . . .

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