Bat-Family Fun Night!

Last evening, Batman and select members and allies of the Bat-Family attempted to rescue Jason Todd, aka The Red Hood, from the clutches of The Joker and Harley Quinn. Oracle had traced the video transmission The Joker had sent out to an old abandoned warehouse that had once been used to store paraphanalia from various carnival and circuses, including Haly’s Circus. When our heroes arrived they discovered the warehouse was bricked up. Batman managed to find a secret latch that opened a bricked up doorway. Circus music was playing from down below. As they cautiously entered, the heroes had to step thru a fine mist spraying from jets in the ceiling.

No sooner had the door closed behind them then they heard The joker’s voice inviting them to enter where they discovered a lair of circus and carnival props. They also discovered Jason Todd encased in a giant dunking booth behind specially treated glass sealing him off. He was perched above a tank of toxic waste chemicals that The Joker claimed were the same chemicals that gave him his unique look when he was dunked into it when he was The Red Hood. The Clown Prince of Crime said that if Todd insisted on calling himself The Red Hood he should go all the way and finish the job by becoming another Joker! He then told the heroes that a key to release the gate was hidden somewhere within the Playroom.

However, no sooner did the heroes begin looking then The Joker ordered his Clown henchmen to attack them, deliberately keeping them from looking for the key. As Batgirl and Batman attempted to locate the key, they and the other heroes were assaulted by The Clowns which fortunately they made easy work of. Harley Quinn then released her trained hyenas, George and Gracie on Batman and Batgirl. Batman managed to tranq the one hyena, as Black Canary’s cry injured the other hyena’s delicate hearing long enough for Batgirl to knock it out.

Batman finally figured out that the key may be hiding in a basket of softballs beside the dunk tank and both he and Troia began going thru them till he discovered a ball whose stitching had been redone. Ripping it open he revealed a key. Seeing that his nemesis had found the key, THe Joker attempted to release Todd into the tank using a remote device but it had been destroyed by Black Canary’s sonic cry so instead, The Joker leapt to try to manually release the target release arm. As Batman tried to get up the stairs to the tank’s door, the steps collapsed forcing him to fire off a grappling hook and swing up to use the key. Opening the door, Batman used a batarang to try to force the release lever from working.

Black Canary and Ravager took out the Clowns, as Batgirl was attacked by an enraged Harley for hurting her hyenas. Donna Troy then attempted to get The Joker off the release lever he was hanging onto but the wily arch villain kept hanging on regardless of her attempts. Batman managed to release Jason Todd, who was heavily drugged with psychotropic drugs from the chair only seconds before Harley turned to hurl a softball at the target releasing the chair into the toxic waste.

Seeing his plans foiled, The Joker dropped from the release lever and into a trapdoor. Harley also quickly followed suit. No sooner, had they departed then ticking could be heard from various gift boxes planted around the room. Realizing there were too many bombs to defuse, Batman ordered the other heroes to flee. He handed Todd over to Troia who flew him out of the Ha Ha Hacienda. Batman was loathe to leave The Joker’s unconscious henchmen behind but was forced to leave them to their fate.

The heroes managed to safely evacuate the hideout as they could hear explosions from behind them. However, the explosions were fakes to cause our heroes to think the hideout had been destroyed as both Joker and Harley climbed out of their escape hatches to clean up and plan their next mad scheme.

Heroes present: Batman, Batgirl, Donna Troy, Black Canary, Ravager

Villains present: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Clown henchmen, George & Gracie ( hyenas)

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