Time Crisis: Part 2

Several heroes met today at the Justice League Watchtower for a briefing on the ongoing temperal incursions that were being reported and that had resulted in a theft from the Justice League trophy room previously. The Martian Manhunter and Black Canary updated the heroes on what they’d discovered. J’onn J’onzz listed the temporal related artifacts stolen from the trophy room as the “atomic clock” of Chronos, the Time Commander’s hourglass, the temporal displacement gauntlet of Epoch (the Lord of time), and Per Degaton’s time discs. Black Canary suggested that the prime suspects in the theft were, therefore, those four, though some others were possible . . . including Professor Zoom. Several of the chief suspects, however, were incarcerated and one was presumed dead.

(The previous day, Canary, Superman, Troia, Mary Marvel, and several other heroes had helped pull Wally West–the Flash–from the Speed Force at the Central City forensics lab, where he’d been trapped the past two years. West indicated that it was Zoom who’d entrapped him and that the villain was working with someone else. This someone else, it would seem, was likely behind the temporal anomalies and the theft at the League trophy room.)

As they were mulling over the suspects, the Watchtower alert systems detected several temporal anomalies in the sky over Central City. Oracle relayed to Black Canary that the sightings were of four-engined propeller-driven aircraft with Iron Cross insignias on the wings. They’d quickly disappeared again into apparent temporal portals, but not before dropping parachutes above the city, which appeared to land soldiers and heavy equipment. Reports were coming in of not only gunfire but cannon fire near the Star Labs building. Fearing that this was the beginning of another theft, the heroes took the League transporter down to Central City, landing outside the Flash Museum near the Star Labs building, where they were met by Flash, now recovered from his ordeal after escaping the Speed Force.

Black Canary could see what appeared to be men and tanks surrounding Star Labs, and asked Superman and Superboy to use their super-vision to give the heroes a rundown on what was happening there. The two heroes spotted a number of heavy German WW2 Panzer tanks, along with light tanks, machine gunners, and many squads of WW2 German troops, led by several officers. They seemed ready to attack the lab building. The heroes sped to the scene to engage the attackers in hopes of stopping them before any loss of life or property damage occurred–and to prevent any further thefts, should Star Labs contain any temporal devices.

The battle was hard and furious, with Superman, Superboy, Troia, and Mary Marvel taking out most of the tanks, while Batgirl, True American, and Black Canary concentrated on the soldiers. Flash took on both soliders and one of the Panzer tanks, while Black Canary took out another tank with her Canary Cry. The heroes were even joined by the villain Cyber Arrow who, though he hated heroes, hated Nazis even more. The heroes got a further surprise when, instead of being knocked down by Canary’s sonics, the officer leading the attack shed his outer uniform to reveal he was actually . . . Captain Nazi! He immediately attacked Superman.

Though the battle was intense, it was over relatively quickly, with most of the tanks swiftly taken out by the heroes and the soldiers downed–all to suddenly flash out of our time period as soon as they were defeated or surrendered. With help from a distracting Batarang thrown by Batgirl, Superman took down Captain Nazi, who also disappeared in mid-rant against the Man of Steel. However, during the battle, Flash noticed a burst of light that seemed to come from the direction of the Flash museum. Canary told him to investigate while the rest of them took down the few remaining soldiers. With the immediate threat gone, the heroes joined Flash at the museum, soon joined by Supergirl, where they discovered that the attack by the Germans on Star Lab was another distraction. Their mysterious opponent had stolen the Cosmic Treadmill while the heroes were fighting the Nazis!

As they were talking over this revelation, another hourglass appeared at the base of the Flash statue in front of the museum, and again their unknown foe told them that their time was almost at an end and his just beginning–before it vanished, like the one that had appeared in the Watchtower after the theft from the trophy room. To Black Canary, this strengthened her suspicion that their foe was none other than the Time Commander, as the hourglass was his signature temporal weapon. This theory was, of course, complicated by the fact that John Starr, the Time Commander, was believed to be dead. But as Canary reasoned, when dealng with a time traveler, one can’t always assume such a person couldn’t be appearing from a time before his death. Still, the situation remains unresolved.

The loss of the Cosmic treadmill was especially a blow to Flash, as he’d just repaired it in anticipation of a trip back to 1942, where he’d left his wife, Linda, and their children with Jay Garrick, the first Flash, to keep them safe from Zoom. Now he had no way to retrieve them. Supergirl suggested that they try to contact Saturn Girl, of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who’d traveled from the 31st century to the present with another Legionnaire, Lightning Lad, to help retrieve Wally from the Speed Force. (Lightning Lad had disappeared after they’d rescued Flash, apparently abducted by Zoom . . . or his partner in temporal crime.)

The heroes split up, resolved to find Saturn Girl and help Flash regain his family from 1942, while keeping an eye out for further temporal anomalies that might signal the next phase in this ongoing Time Crisis . . .

Heroes present: Superman, Superboy, Troia, Mary Marvel, Flash (Wally West), Batgirl, True American, Black Canary, J’onn J’onzz, Supergirl.

Also present: Cyber Arrow, Captain Nazi, WW2 German soldiers.

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