Time Crisis – Part 1

Black Canary called a meeting of the Justice League and all other available heroes at the Watchtower due to a series of unexplained temporal anomalies that Oracle had picked up on–among them, a Viking ship sailing into Metropolis harbor and a Mammoth sighting outside of Central City. In the discussion about the sightings, Wonder Woman speculated that there might be some connection to the Legionnaires, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, from the future and the recent appearance of Wally West in Central City. Superboy offered to keep a super-eye out for the Legionnaires in case there seemed to be some connection. Canary asked them all to keep watch for similar anomalies and gave them all a tiny comm device to keep in touch with Oracle to report any such sightings. Oracle would then coordinate it with the League.

As they were about to conclude, suddenly five huge Utahraptors appeared within the Watchtower on the meeting room floor in several bursts of light. The heroes sprang into action at once, with Power Girl punching the nearest raptor–which seemed to shrug off her blow all too easily. Troia found a similar thing happening with the raptor she took on, while Superboy tried to throw one into a wall–only to see it twist and push off from the wall with it’s legs and leap at him again. Wonder Woman managed to lasso one and throw it against a wall as Power Girl not only punched hers again but hit it with her icy superbreath, freezing it solid. But as she tried to aim the frigid blast at other raptors, they seemed to recognize what it could do and avoid it as if they’d suddenly learned what it could do. Meanwhile, Black Canary hit one with a Canary Cry, only to have it continue to rush at her.

Troia then managed to grab and throw her raptor, using its own momentum against it as Wonder Woman punched hers into the path of the one Troia tossed. Both collapsed in a heap after colliding violently with one another. Superboy meanwhile redoubled his attack on the raptor charging him, felling it with a flurry of superblows, as Black Canary fell back and let her raptor leap over her, hitting it with another Canary Cry and pushing it into the one that Power Girl had frozen. Both fell over the edge of the floor to the level below, knocking hers unconscious.

Just as True American arrived at the Watchtower, the raptors all suddenly disappeared. As the gathered heroes contemplated what had just occurred, another flash of light appeared from the floor below. Black Canary rushed down to see what it meant, only to find that the League trophy room had been cleaned out of everything that had been on display there . . . indicating that the raptors had been a distraction for the true goal. Troia, Superboy, and Wonder Woman then heard another noise from the meeting room and all returned there to find an hourglass sitting in the middle of the meeting table. Canary asked Superboy to scan it to see if there was anything dangerous, but his supervision seemed to indicate that while it was there, it wasn’t actually there . . . somehow. As he went to touch it, a hollow voice emerged . . .

“Your time is almost at an end. Mine has just begun . . . ” it intoned. And then the hourglass disappeared. Canary sent Superboy on out to search for the Legionnaires, in case they might have some information on it, and asked the others to keep watch for more anomalies and report back to Oracle so she can inform the League. She would be checking League records to find out what was stolen from the trophy room and, on Superboy’s suggestion (and a sideways comment from True American) to get a list of time-oriented villains the League had fought in the past in the hope it might give them some clue what they are up against.

To Be Continued . . .

Heroes Participating: Troia, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, True American, Black Canary. (Also at the meeting: Speedy, Black Bat.)

Also present: Utahraptors (extra tough and smart), unknown time enemy . . .

(Note: More time anomalies are possible . . . feel free to play out any that you can think of or relate them socially after the fact. Just remember that they will usually be temporary . . . and the villain is keeping concealed . . . for now . . . Coming up . . . Time Crisis, Part 2 . . . )

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