In a Flash

Today in Central City, an otherwise lovely spring Sunday was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a freak thunderstorm that appeared over the city. The JLA and Titans recieved an anonymous communication for any available heroes to come to the Flash Museum in Central City. Upon their arrival they were met by Lightning Lad of the Legion of Super Heroes who announced he and Saturn Girl had come from the 31st Century for them to witness an event to soon occur at this spot.

Shortly, a lightning bolt struck the courtyard of the Flash Museum creating a ball of electricity. Within the ball a form suddenly appeared which finally was made out to be a running man…it was Flash….to be specific…Wally West who has been missing for several years. He was calling out to Barry Allen that he was trying to get back and that he could now see Central City…he then managed to recognize Donna Troy and Black Canary but before he could say any more the ball of energy exploded and he disappeared as a lightning bolt flashed from the ground to return to the sky.

Lightning Lad then explained that both he and Saturn Girl had been sent back into time after Wally West had appeared in 31st Century Metropolis. Brainiac 5 had sent them back to help facilitate the rescue of Wally West from the Speed Force where he appeared trapped. Already, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl had tracked the first strike of the lightning a few days ago in Ivy Town where Wally West had lived for a time. He then asked both the Titans and JLA to aid them in helping to free Wally West from the Speed Force, believing that it will reappear again within the week. Supergirl suggested they contact Kid Flash to aid them in the rescue attempt when Wally appears again.

more to come…stay tuned….

Heroes present: Batman, Black Canary, Supergirl, Troia ( Donna Troy), Lightning Lad, Speedy ( Harper Row )

Others present: Flash ( Wally West)

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