Invasion of Oolong Island

Today, a reformed Justice League held a meeting at The Watchtower where The Titans were also invited to attend. During the meeting, Starfire became a member of the League again. They were then debriefed on Oolong Island and how it had been reclaimed from The Doom Patrol who they were obviously still holding prisoner. Since our reports also tracked Mercy Graves, The Mirror Master, Harley Quinn and The Joker to Oolong Island with the plans for a dimensional portal stolen from the STAR Labs incident, it was clear the League and Titans must join forces to find out what we could and rescue The Doom Patrol.

However, before we could leave a portal appeared in the Watchtower from which The Flash appeared. However, this Flash was actually an adult Bart Allen from the future who came back to warn us that not only is Luthor released by Mercy Graves but also Ares, The Greek God of War. Evidently in the future, Superman dies in a coming battle and Ares leads the Injustice Society to kill all the heroes and take over the world forcing the Titans to battle them. Bart returned to warn us however that even the Titans are falling before the forces of evil and that Superman must be saved and the League reformed to battle a new Injustice Society. He then dissolved into dust before our very eyes…which appeared to duly traumatize Kid Flash who decided to remain behind with Speedy to help myself to coordinae and montor the mission from The Watchtower.

Using an open window when Oolong Island lowered their defense systems to allow a montly supply shipment to be flown in, we used a shuttle with stealth technology to follow in to the Island and then I teleported Batman’s team in to attempt to locate the portal and Doom Patrol while the crew of the shuttle caused a distraction. Unfortunately, shortly after our invasion, Doctor Sivana, Dr. T.O. Morrow, Dr. Will Magnus and Egg Fu arrived to coordinate the defense efforts of the Oolong soldiers and droids. During the battle, Sivana managed to strike Superman with a kryptonite ray fired from a gun turret which Starfire managed to destroy. Batman managed to get to the upper platform to where the scientists were to take out several other manual turrets. Firestorm too was downed by a random pulse blast from one of the robot droids though he did manage to recover.

The criminal scientist, I. Q. appeared to attack his old foe,Hawkwoman who easily took him out despite his best efforts. Black Canary, Zatanna and Starfire destroyed Magnus’ robot droids and damaged Egg Fu enough for Plastic Man to take him out helped by Zatanna’s magicks. Once confronted, the mad scientists claimed that Mercy had left with the portal already. When Batman demanded they turn over The Doom Patrol they got their wish …however, the Doom Patrol appeared to be mind controlled and attacked the heroes.

During the battle, Mento appeared to be unaffected by attacks until Zatanna used her magics to define that he was just an illusion. Her magicks however caused another form to shimmer some yards away. When Batman went to attack, Black Canary hit it with her Canary Cry causing the illusion to drop to reveal Doctor Psycho whom Batman easily dispatched with some nerve darts. Canary’s Cry also freed The Doom Patrol from Psycho’s control.

At that point, Dr. Veronica Cale appeared with armed guards to call a halt to the battle and demand what they were doing there. She told them to take the Doom Patrol with them ( It appears Professor Niles Caulder abandoned The Doom Patrol to cover his escape with his research) and confirmed that Mercy Graves and her companions had taken possession of a finished dimensional portal built at Oolong Island that was now transferrred to an unnamed tropical islet in what Cale claimed was located in The Bermuda Triangle. She also had the real Mento turned over to the heroes. Zatanna then teleported most of the Leaguers back to the Watchtower …her spell deliberately causing more damage to the Island facility….while Plastic Man and Hawkwoman piloted the shuttle to take the Titans back to their Tower.

The League and Titans then took their leave of Oolong Island to continute their pursuit of Mercy Graves and her portal device which we now know operational….and to attempt to change their own future and Earth’s from war and the Injustice Society!

Heroes present: Superman, Batman, The Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Zatanna, Plastic Man, Hawkwoman, Firestorm, Starfire, Batgirl, Black Bat, Speedy, Kid Flash

The Doom Patrol – Mento, Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Element Woman

Villains present – Doctor Sivana, Dr. T.O. Morrow, Doctor Will Magnus, Egg Fu, I.Q., Doctor Psycho, Dr. Veronica Cale, Oolong soldiers and robots.

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