Stone Cold!

Batman was alerted to a police bulletin about a possible hostage situation at the Iceberg Lounge. Upon arriving he spied from the skylight of the club that The Penguin and several wealthy patrons were being held at gunpoint by several armed gunmen and a grey skinned woman whom Batman identified as Sofia Sorrell..aka The Granite Lady…a former jazz singer and criminal who had taken a serum to turn her body to living stone…and is an arch-nemesis of Plastic Man. Overhearing the conversation it appears that The Granite Lady held a grudge against The Penguin for firing her from a singing gig …though he claimed he fired her for attempting to steal the cash reciepts from her show. She had clearly come to get her revenge on The Penguin and his club.

Batman called in backup and as soon as Black Bat and Speedy arrived on Speedy’s motorcycle, he slipped unseen into the club thru the skylight and taking out several gunmen quietly, managed to get to the circuit breakers and shut out both the lights and the refrigerating systems to the club. WIth that The Penguin managed to escape his captors by using his umbrella and took refuge behind the huge ice sculpture dominating the main room. As Speedy and Black Bat crashed thru the windows to make their attack The Granite Lady ordered her gunmen to open fire on everyone.

Speedy fired off a sonic arrow that took out several gunmen but also caused the ice to start to crack in the club. Black Bat took out a gunmen as Batman made his way down to the floor and tried to take out The Granite Lady but her stoneskin was unafected by his blow and she responded by landing a powerful blow to The Dark Knight. Before he passed out, he sent out another distress call and warned Black Bat and Speedy of how dangerous she was. He also had Speedy shoot out the windows to try to lower the temperature of the club.

The Penguin actually helped the two heroes take out more gunmen with his umbrella fire though he complained about the property damage done to his club by their assault. Soon Plastic Man himself responded to Batman’s distress call…appearing as a giant rubber ball and began to take out more gunmen. Batgirl also responded and aided in disarming the gunmen.

The Granite Lady attempted to escape with a coiterie of her hired guns but they were stopped by the heroes. Angered, she ripped into Plastic Man..literally..stretching him out into all shapes though he was unharmed. Black Bat used The Penguin’s girth to leap over the ice sculpture to engage the fleeing gunmen as Speedy and Batgirl tried to subdue the other gunmen. When Black Bat took out one of the gunmen, another managed to get the drop on her and threatened to blow her head off until The Penguin emerged from hiding to mow him down with his umbrella fire, thus saving her life.

Plastic Man attempted to wrap The Granite Lady up in his arms and body but was having difficulty containing her so he had Speedy fire an anaesthetic arrow into her mouth which finally managedto knock her out.

With The Granite Lady down, The Penguin began to complain about all the damages done to his club as Plastic Man lugged The Granite Lady outside to a waiting FBI van.

Heroes present: Batman, Speedy, Black Bat, Batgirl, Plastic Man

Villains present: The Granite Lady, The Penguin and unnamed gunmen

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