Assault on STAR Labs

Today, STAR Labs in Central City was attacked by The Joker and Mercy Graves leading an army of hired gunmen that appeared coming thru the glass of the windows of the facility. As Batman, Batgirl and Troia had STAR Labs under observation expressily anticipating them to attack there next due to their reserve of green kryptonite for experimental purposes, they were the first to arrive but were quickly joined by Booster Gold, while Kid Flash watched what was going on via a satellite feed.

Upon their arrival, Batman’s Batmobile lobbed smoke grenades thru the windows to the lobby to distract the gunmen inside as reports were that hostages were being held. The heroes then quickly moved inside only to find The Joker waiting for them at the front desk with a female scientist as a hostage. However, when Batman attempted to disarm The Joker he discovered that it appeared only to be an advanced hologram as other Jokers soon appeared. Contacting Oracle to use thermal scans he discovered that only the gunmen were real and also detected a thermal anomaly which quickly vanished.

The heroes quickly took out the gunmen before The Joker informed them that they had more hostages and the top secret lab was secured. Troia then contacted Kid Flash to join them whereupon he quickly was able to rescue the hostages but was unable to enter the lab as it appeared to be protected by some sort of teleport device that sent him back to the main lobby again and again. Harley Quinn suddenly appeared to teleport in to take on Batman whom she disabled from behind with her hammer before Batgirl managed to take her down but then she escaped thru what some kind of portal.While Booster Gold was taking out one of the gunmen he discovered a piece of glass the man had on him, which made Kid Flash suspect The Mirror Master was involved.

As Kid Flash phased his way up thru the ceiling and thru the floor into the lab, Booster Gold poked the glass and found himself teleported into the lab itself as the heroes managed to gain their own entry. They discovered Mercy Graves uploading data from the STAR Labs computer on some kind of interdimensional portal held inside a vault along with the kryptonite while The Joker attempted to disarm the security locks to open the vault doors. The Mirror Master also appeared to fire upon the heroes but Troia managed to deflect his blasts before he vanished and reappeared behind Booster Gold. Booster managed to strike The Mirror Master with a backwards head butt but in so doing caused Mirror Master to fire his gun which sliced one of the gunmen in two!

Harley attacked Batman as The Joker managed to get the door to the vault open. However, Batgirl attacked him knocking him inside whereupon he discovered that the kryptonite was a fake….Batman had informed the Titans and had them remove the real kryptonite which he took to the JLA Watchtower for safekeeping and had them replace it with fake kryptonite!

Mercy was not too pleased though she did manage to download the data she was seeking. She attacked Batgirl then took on Troia before Troia kicked her back into the vault where she fell upon the fake kryptonite which shattered under her fall. Realizing they were fighting a losing battle, Mercy had her sister Hope teleport them out, but not before Batman managed to get a tracker unseen upon the heel of her stiletto. Booster managed to slam Mirror Master and disarm him but the Rogue managed to get teleported away with The Joker, Mercy and Harley Quinn.

Batman contacted Oracle who managed to track them to Oolong Island…the former base of a group of mad scientists that included Egg Fu, Dr. Sivana, Dr. T.O. Morrow and others before Black Adam ran them off. Then, The Doom Patrol supposedly took it as their base….it would appear The Doom Patrol no longer have conrol of the island and it is now in Mercy Graves’ hands and who knows who else are there now. The female scientist who had been held hostage, a Dr. Dolores Winters, returned to the lab and revealed that the data stolen was for a portal that The Flash had aided them with which they had only used once for a successful foray to Earth-Two.

Batman suspects that Mercy Graves and The Joker are currently attempting to build an interdimensional portal based on an abandoned LexCorp project named Project Hermes which uses kryptonite to power it and are attempting to rescue Lex Luthor from The Phantom Zone…but is that all that is going on? Or is there a far greater purpose to their plan?

Stay tuned for more….

Heroes present: Batman, Batgirl, Troia, Booster Gold, Kid Flash

Villains present: The Joker, Mercy Graves, Harley Quinn, The Mirror Master, an army of hired gunmen

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