Attack on Kord

This morning, a group of gunmen posing as a MPD SWAT Team infiltrated Kord Industries in downtown Metropolis, lead by The Joker and Mercy Graves. They made their way to the inner chambers where they confiscated a cache of green kryptonite that was being stockpiled there. As they were leaving however, the villains came up against a large contingent of heroes assembled to stop them.

Arriving in his Batplane from Gotham, Batman fired into the gunmen to scatter them, before firing off several smoke bombs to hinder their gunfire as they opened onto the heroes with plasma rifles. Batman then leaped into the fray. As the heroes made quick work of the hired gunmen, Mercy took on Troia and Speedy while The Joker was struck by one of Starfire’s bolts, though he quickly recovered. Once Superman arrived on the scene, one of the gunmen revealed himself to be Metallo who attempted to fire a deadly kryptonite ray from his chest array to take out the Man of Steel but fortunately, Booster Gold intercepted to shield Superman using his force field to keep the ray from striking the Caped Kryptonian.

As Batman closed in upon The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime ran off towards a metal container containing the stolen kryptonite. Mercy fought off Troia only to have a glue arrow shot into her face, while Black Canary’s sonic scream kept Metallo at bay long enough for SUperman to use his heat vision to melt an awning down upon Metallo. The Joker fired a green Kryptonite tipped bullet at Superman which was fortunately deflected by Booster’s force field.

Despite their best efforts however, Hope managed to transmit the signal to her sister Hope who teleported the container, The Joker and herself to their hidden lair, leaving the gunmen and Metallo to the heroes. Batgirl, Black Bat, Batman and Speedy quickly took care of the remaining gunmen. Starfire and Booster Gold managed to subdue Metallo who was furious that The Joker and Mercy had left him behind but was unwiiling to cooperate and attempting to fire his ray upon Superman again was flown into space by Starfire leading him to go unconscious. Both the gunmen and Metallo were turned over to the Science Police.

This is the second heist of kryptonite that The Joker and Mercy Graves have been involved in. What exactly are they up to?

Stay tuned to find out….
Heroes involved: Batman, Superman, The Flash, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Troia, Starfire, Batgirl, Black Bat, Speedy, John Constantine….Catwoman ( ? )

Villains present: Gunmen, The Joker, Mercy Graves, Metallo

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