Assault on LexCorp

This afternoon a group of armed gunmen…suspected terrorists..entered the LexCorp Building in Metropolis. Fortunately, Batman, Wonder Woman,Troia Batgirl, and Black Bat were around to enter the lobby to take out the gunmen before making their way up the elevator shaft to Lex Luthor’s sealed office. There they met with more gunmen with even more advanced weaponry. Mr. Majestic arrived to aid the heroes defeat the gunmen though Batman was injured from an electric emitting device. After taking out the gunmen, Mercy Graves…former assistant to Lex Luthor stepped from the inner office to attack Wonder Woman. Both Mr. Majestic and Wonder Woman managed to defeat Mercy

During the battle, Batgirl fell thru the door with one of the gunmen she was subduing into the inner office where The Joker got the drop on her. It was also discovered that Mercy Graves and The Joker were working together to retrieve a hoard of Kryptonite hidden in a safe behind Luthor’s portait in his office. Batgirl managed to knock The Joker to the floor as Superman finally arrived though he was weakened by the green Kryptonite exposed in the office. As Troia attempted to grab the alien crystal it was teleported safely away…possibly by Hope Graves, Mercy’s twin sister…but not before Black Bat had attached a bomb to it. Then both The Joker and Mercy were teleported away leaving only the gunmen which the heroes quickly dispatched. One gunmen was held and interrogated by Superman and Wonder Woman using her Lasso of Truth on him who revealed he worked as former Security at LexCorp and had been hired by Mercy .

It seem evident from what the captured guard said that Mercy had hired The Joker to retrieve certain tech inaccessable to her for some kind of device she has scientitsts building to be powered by Kryptonite to possibly recover Lex Luthor from The Phantom Zone. However, the guard also said that Mercy was out to free someone else from a place called Tartarus which Wonder Woman recognized instantly as Themiscrya is built over and guards the entrance to Tartarus. Could Mercy and her sister Hope be attempting to free someone from Tartarus as well as their former employer, Lex Luthor?

What exactly is their plan and what is Project Hermes?

Stay tuned for more developments

Heroes present: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Troia, Batgirl, Black Bat, Mr. Majestic

Villains present : The Joker, Mercy Graves, gunmen

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